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    Recent Group Break Results (Briuns and Blues)

    2 weekends ago I was in a couple CNC group breaks. In the first break I had the Bruins and the Second was the Blues. Overall I am very happy with the results from these 2 breaks.

    1st Break - Bruins

    Not Shown - 13-14 Totally Certified Jersey Auto Redemption Ryan Spooner (already redeemed)


    and the big hit

    Thanks for the look, all comments welcome.

    Hidden Content Collecting: Claude Giroux, Rick Nash, Eric Staal, Rookies and Auto's

    Bucket: Hidden Content

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    Pretty darn ...great !!!!
    Hidden Content

    I do not pay shipping ! unless Im buying

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    i love the diamond cards! very nice
    If you have unwanted cards you are looking to purge, please consider a donation to my family's mission in helping to find a cure for Olivia's disorder Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Cards donated will be sold on eBay, COMC or locally in the Buffalo/Niagara area to support the Hidden Content .
    Shipping done on Saturdays for all Addresses
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    Interested in the Neely and Rask if you see anything in my bucket that interests you

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