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    Immaculate, TTT, Ironman & Supreme Baseball DRAFT Group Break #1003

    Sport: Baseball

    2014 Leaf Ironman
    2014 Leaf Ironman
    2014 Panini Immaculate
    2014 Topps Triple Threads
    2014 Topps Supreme
    2014 Topps Supreme

    Spots: 12

    Price: $78 (2 for $150)

    1. canesfanbob
    2. canesfanbob
    3. VikingPat
    4. refone
    5. thingsoplenty
    6. refone
    7. bdubbs480
    8. Soopm1
    9. canesfanbob
    10. bacnova
    11. bacnova
    12. refone

    Here at STL Sports Cards we accept Paypal. ALL Spots must be purchased at

    This will be a Snake-Draft style break.

    Break will be November 4th at 5:00 PM Eastern and will be broadcast live at and recorded in HD for Youtube!
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    I am interested but I know nothing about breaks and how they work... Sorry! I am not new to card collecting or busting wax. But this stuff I am new to

    Quick explanation?!? Snake Draft?

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    We will take the 12 names and random them, then we will open up all of the product and lay it out for all to see. Whoever is on top of the random gets to pick their card first, then we go #1-12, then back up #12-1 and repeat until all cards are gone. Let us know if you have any questions!

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