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    Does anybody know the inversion rate of Books from 2013 Showcase

    Just ordered my first racing boxes(shocked? So am I!) and I decided to grab a box of 2013 Showcase and 2013 Ignite with the Power Pack since they were on sale. Does anyone know the inversion rate of the book cards from the 2013 Showcase product? I should have it here on Thursday as well as 11 other boxes from 5 other sports. Thanks for any help guys!


    PS, I'll try to get the checklist in for Cup Chase before I break my custom case!

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    I believe book cards were 1 per half case but I could be wrong

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    *knocks on wood* Maybe the box I got will have a nice book for my first EVER NASCAR break! I bought.....well, made my grandmother buy me the old 2009 PP Packs at kmart when they first came out!

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