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Thread: 2012 Topps Archives Wanted

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    2012 Topps Archives Wanted

    I purchased a few blaster boxes of the 2012 Topps Archives this past year. From what I got in those boxes I'm near to completing the set. Below are my wants for the set and the Reprint insert set. If you find something from my list let me know and send me your want list and we'll see if we can work something out.

    If anyone is also working on the set I've got a bunch of base cards available and cards from the various inserts.
    Thanks for looking - Jeff

    Base: 8-13-18-19-21-22-29-34-40-44-47-57-62-65-68-71-74-79-84-94-98-105-108-121-122-136-143-145-148-151-159-168-172-174-180-185-190-192-195
    Base (SP): 201-202-203-204-205-206-207-208-210-211-212-214-217-218-219-221-222-224-225-226-227-228-230-231-232-233-234-235-236-237-238-239-240
    Reprints: Berra(52)-Doby(52)-Mays(53)-Clemente(55)-Berra(56)-Killebrew(56)-GAnderson(59)-BRobinson(60)-Yastrzemski(61)-Killebrew(62)-Snider(62)-Clemente(64)-McCovey(65)-Ford(66)-Marichal(66)-Morgan(67)-Carew(68)-Hunter(68)-Jackson(69)-Bench(69)-McCovey(69)-Seaver(70)-Ryan(70)-Marichal(71)-BRobinson(72)-Morgan(73)-Jackson(74)-Yount(75)-Brett(75)-Brett(76)-Carter(77)-Yount(77)-Winfield(78)-Murray(80)x2-Murray(81)x2-Seaver(82)x2-Stargell(82)-Palmer(82)-Boggs(83)-Ripken(84)-Mattingly(84)-Gwynn(85)-Strawberry(86)

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    Can hit these 8--18---22-29-34-40-44-47-57--68--74--84-94--108-143--159-168--174---190-192-195

    Plus SP 231 235 and 237 and Reprint Berra (56) Brooks R (60) Jackson (69) and Marichal (71)

    Wants are at the Baseball page at the site below. PM please

    Also have a complete base set (1-200) available for anyone else seeking one.

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    I have all the base and some of the reprints you need.

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    Message me if you're still looking. I think I can help out.

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