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    PC For Sale! Luck, Terry Bradshaw, Peyton, and more FS!

    Please add $2.50 for shipping.

    Lacy RC REF AUTO 9.5/10--$75

    Kobe Patch--$60

    Aaron Auto--$175

    Walton Inscription Auto--$50 (scratches on case)

    Morris NT RC/AUTO--$60

    Gwynn Auto--$32

    West Auto--$24

    Chris Johnson Blue /35--$33

    Jose Fernandez 9.5/10--$42

    Cam Newton Certified Auto--$59

    Kirk Cousins auto $7

    Lacy rc patch $14

    Mcfadden GU $2.50

    Beban Auto $8

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris123 View Post
    Please pm me what the Bradshaw is numbered to
    PM sent, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by islanderbehle View Post
    How do you take payments? Do you use paypal?
    PM sent, thank you!

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    Sent you a pm.

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    Hey Friend!! Would Ya Let Me Send You Cash WELL Concelled For That Lacy Patch Card.

    Thanks, John

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