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Thread: 3 DeMarco & Dez cards for sale

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    3 DeMarco & Dez cards for sale

    Hello to all my old SCF buddies!!! It's been a while guys and girls LOL....I just ran across these after they were misplaced for almost a year, I am listing them here for SCF members to get first dibs as this was my favorite site while I was collecting, plmk if interested in any, I will break them up if you only want one or two of them, these are my last 3 cards so come get them!!! Pics can be found in my bucket, thanks for the look!!!

    2012 Momentum Team Threads Auto DeMarco Murray #7 triple jersey auto Ser. # 02/10 !!! (3 white GU Jersey swatches & autograph)

    2011 Plates & Patches PRIME DeMarco Murray HUGE 3 color patch #13 Ser. 10/15 !!! (silver-white-blue HUGE GU PATCH)

    2011 Plates & Patches PRIME Jersey Nameplate Dez Bryant GU Jersey Nameplate #88 Ser. 08/25 !!! (white-blue-white)
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    How much are you looking for on them?

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    buying/trading for Andrew Luck topps chrome rc's. pm me if you have any available

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    I haven't been collecting for over a year, I am a little out of touch on prices, thinking maybe 50ish as a lot... Lmk if that sounds reasonable or feel free to make offer

    Pics are in my bucket btw

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    I guess these 3 cards are still available, anyone else interested at all? Post or pm offers on singles or the lot

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    How much do you want for the 2 Demarco Murray's?

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