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Thread: Justin Upton Auto 24/25 FT

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    Justin Upton Auto 24/25 FT

    I have a 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Around the Horn Justin Upton auto numbered 24/25 FT. You can see the card at

    LMK if you're interested. My main wants are of Killebrew, McGwire and Piazza I don't already have. I will also consider Victorin, Wong, Jim Abbott, Ripken, Pujols and some others from the 60's. Thanks for looking.

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    PLMK if you'd be interested in any of the Piazza's I have on this link -**** - Have a good day.

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    Evidently you don't need any of the Piazza's I have available (no post about interest). I do have a 2010 Bowman Sterling Dual Relic Boxloader #BL-1 Albert Pujols/Miguel Cabrera #ed 24/50 available. However, I'd need more than just the Justin Upton auto for it. If you're interested, I'd mainly be interested in gu & auto's I need of Orioles, Nationals, and baseball HOFer's. Have a good night, Rodney

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    I thought I responded to that. If not I apologize and don't need any of the Piazza cards. Not interested in the box loader either. I'll keep you in mind if I find any Orioles. The only ones I have now are Machado and Palmer autos.

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    I don't remember if you sent a PM or not, that's why I posted again. Normally, when I do, I post on the thread that I've replied to the PM. Thanks for the quick reply. I'd be interested in Machado & Palmer auto's, so long as they are pictured and/or identified as Orioles. From your list, in your sig., the only other I have in gu and/or auto's are two (02) Ripken gu. And I'd definitely be more interested in them (since I collect them), than Justin Upton (even though he's a local).

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