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Thread: need insert help list enclosed

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    need insert help list enclosed

    Have tons to trade on the page and not listed.

    All Topps Gallery of Heroes cards for Football and Basketball

    Have basketball 2000 duncan gh5, payton gh6,walker7 and webber gh8 kobe gh3 5 need rest
    Basketball 2001brand gh4, allen gh5,mcdyess gh9

    JERRY RICE 2000 GH-8, james gh4 warner gh 9, faulk


    97 alomar cc1
    98 GWYNN 8
    00 piazza, sosa
    00 premium arod

    91/ 92 donruss elite series /10000 have BONDS,gonzo, Pendleton, carter, hojo, Eckersley,Thomas NEED REST

    93 studio heritage need baerga,karros,kruk
    93 dr elite (legend series)/10000 have sheffield gonzo need rest
    93 Dr elite dominator /5000 have justice,mcgriff, sandberg, mattingly
    94 flair hot gloves have lofton, m. Williams, Griffey, clark, salmon
    94 leaf mvp silver contender /10000 have justice, gallaraga,j.carter
    94 studio editors choice need griffey, Galaragga,
    94 studio gold stars/5000 need Ripken, griffey, mattingly

    95 flair hot gloves (12) have grissom, white, BONDS, irod, Alomar,

    95 Sportflix Double Take need Alomar/kent,ripken/ozzie,piazza/delgado

    95 sport flix/uc3 clear shots need green, floyd,

    95 zenith z team(18) have bagwell, mondesi, MADDUX, baerga, BONDS,

    96 col choice yctg silver see thru have BONDS 23,10 thomas, 15, castilla,17 fielder (also gold fielder
    96 pinnacle essence of the game need PUCKETT, MATTINGLY

    96 pinnacle skylines have maddux, vaughn

    96 pinnacle Christy Brinkley coll need chipper,grissom, thome,Christie promo

    96 Select Team Nucleus have Indians 1, White Sox #27, dodgers 11, braves 12, 13 tigers,pirates 3, angels 23, orioles 20, rangers, blue jays, GIANTS 18, expos 24, reds 25, BREWERS 28

    96 select en fuego(25) have belle, m Vaughn, maddux, thomas d. Patrick, bichette, damon. R. sanders , M WILLIAMS, bagwell,nomo,boggs,sosa

    96 sports flix double take have: piazza/Irod, maddux/nomo
    96 summit ballparks need jeter, Thomas,

    96 ultra hr king (12) have mcgwire, bonds

    96 ultra thunder clap have bonds and mcgwire, m williams , carter, sandberg,need rest

    96 ultra season crowns gold medallion version need bonds, lofton, edgar martinez

    96 ultra golden prospects need alcantara,, batista, Jennings, singleton, monds, mcclain

    96 ultra golden prospects gold med need alcantara,, batista, cox, CAMERON, DYE, hildalgo,Jennings, Maxwell, singleton, monds, , W. GUERRERO,IBANEZ,

    96 ultra prime leather need ripken, bonds,

    96 zenith z team(18) have maddux ,bonds, belle,thomas, chipper, Griffey, Sheffield, many, NOMO

    97 (20) have Donruss Preferred X-Ponential Power 1a many,Juan Gonzalez #3b:/3000, gwynn, arod, thome, belle 4a, molitor, salmon,Knoblauch 2b, 5b ripken, Edmonds 6b need the rest

    97 ex hall or nothing need ripken,

    97 prism gate attractions have l.johnson, molitor, nomo, SOSA, boggs, bags, MADDUX, a jones, GALLARAGGA

    97 metal blast furnace need gallaragga,

    1997 Stadium Club Patent Leather have Greg Maddux, lofton, bonds, caminitti, r. Ordonez. larkin

    97 Studio Hard hats need griffey,arod, m.williams,r white,rolen,

    97 Ultra HR King need restklesko, sosa,m Williams?HUNDLEY

    98 aurora on deck lazer cuts have boggs,walker,grieve, j gonzo, jeter, cruz, piazza

    98 circa thunder boomer have thomas, j. gonzo, PIAZZA, Griffey, walker

    98 pacific in the cage coll have irod, JUSTICE, edgar, alomar need rest

    98 paramount fielders choice have maddux, iROD, THOMAS, GRIEVE
    Cruz, nomo, boggs, PIAZZA,nomar, ripken

    98 revolution foul pole have piazza, j gonzo, NOMAR, THOMAS, AROD,GRIEVE, alou, mcgriwe, MANNY, castilla

    98 Upper deck amazing greats/2000 have arod, andrew J.thomas , maddux, jeter, gwynn r. Johnson, ripken, SOSA, sheffield , alomarneed rest

    98 upper deck amazing greats die cut/250 alomar, Sheffield, cruz, bagwell need rest

    98 ultra win now have nomar, erstad, jeter, maddux, arod, gwynn, juan gone, griffey

    99 bow best franchise best mach /500 have nomar, arod

    1999 E-X2001 Cheap Seats need thomas, Griffey,mcgwire, tino,belle, justice

    99 fleer golden memories have wells, wood, NOMAR, maddux mcgwirre, arod

    99 FINEST PEAL AND REVEAL HAVE MADDUX, bagwell, lee, BAGWELL, chipper, burrell

    99 FINEST PEAL AND REVEAL SPARKLE HAVE MADDUX, Clemens, sosa, bagwell, gallaragga, garciaparra, grieve, wood, bonds, bagwell, HELTON, mcgwire, juan gonzo, arod

    99 Finest peal and reveal hyperplad have vlad, bonds, lee, sosa, clemens , AROD, WOOD, helton, mcgwire

    99 metal boyz w wood have gonzo, nomar, piazza, gwynn, RIPKEN

    99 pacific home run heroes have Canseco, sosa, belle, Vaughn, Griffey, mcgwire

    99 pacific crown colletion (cup cards) have gwynn, ripken, sosa, mcgwire.
    Nomar, arod
    99 pacific in the cage have drew, mcgwire, thomas, e. martinez

    99 paramount fielders choice have arod, IROD, chipper, MC GWIRE, thomas, nomar


    99 Skybox Thunder Turbo Charged need griffey, mcgwire, j. gonzo,

    99 SKYBOX THUNDER DIAL 1 HAVE MANNY, sosa, nomar, vaughn

    99 topps technicians have arod, grieve, griffey, jeter, sosa , NOMAR, Clemens vlad, need rest

    99 sports ill diamond dominators need all but randy Johnson, maddux, pedro, wood, arod, Clemens, griffey

    99 stadium club triumvirate luminous need
    3 b griffey, 6 a bagwell, 9b nomar, 10 a helton, 13 c grieve, 14 a sosa, 14 c bonds, 5 b thome, 15 c tino,

    99 stadium club triumvirate luminescent have Vaughn 1a, caminiti 1b,buhner 3a, 3a arod,12 a chipper, 14 a t8a sosa, 8c wood, biggio 6b,7a nomar, lee t10b,TINO 15C, j. gonzo t 13a, grieve 13c, 6c Johnson, 3b griffey, payrod t9a, gallaragga 16b need rest

    99stadium club triumvirate illuminator have 4a jeter, 2b chipper gallaraga 2c, BIGGIO 6B, tino 4b,1a g. vaughn

    99 ultra thunder clap have a jones 2, arod

    00 aurora net fusions need m. Vaughn, sosa, green, palmeiro

    00 crown royal proofs have ripken, maddux, nomar, JETER, manny, pedro,thome, green, Bernie, casey,SORIANO

    00 Finest For the Record have Chipper Jones #10b: SOSA 7C, nomar 5a, piazza 9b

    00 ionix awesome powers have rolen, mcgwire, Canseco, walker
    00 omega eo portraits have maddux, jeter

    00 Pacific Crown Collection In the Cage have Manny Ramirez #8, irod 20

    00 paramount fielders choice have maddux, NOMAR. A JONES, irod, griffey, many, casey, gwynn

    Oo revolution net fusions foul pole have bagwell, pedro chipper, jeter, vlad, irod

    00 stadium club 3x3 illuminator have a. jones, piazza, irod, arod, biggio, bichette 7c,L.gonzo 7b. 6c nomar,9a manny, 9C GONZO, 5B WILLIAMS

    00 s.c 3 x 3 luminescent have biggio, pedro, sosa, l. gonzo, Ramirez, bell, canseco, a jones, lieberthal 2c, Bichette 7c, ventura 5c, jeter 6b, a. jones 8c
    9 c j. gonzo,

    00 s.c.c. Eyes of the game refractor have walker, jeter , r. Johnson, sosa

    00 stadium club chrome clear shots need Griffey,

    00 stadium club clear shots refractor need CLEMENS, chipper and Andrew jones
    Griffey, many, j gonzo, b williams

    00 topps gallery proof positive have burnett/pedro, jeter Soriano, sosa/patterson, mcgwire/burrell , piazza/munson, bomar/ozuna

    00 topps gold label treasury have3, 4, 5,6,7,8, 10,11,13, 14,15, 16,17, 18, 19. 22, 23, 24,25 need rest

    00 topps tectonics need mcgwire


    01 fleer premium time for heroes have helton, green, Delgado, glaus, JETER, sosa, Griffey, BURRELL, nomar
    01 fleer premium decade of excellence have glaus, ankiel, fisk, seaver, reggie Jackson, reese, slaughter, mattingly, Schmidt, rizzuto, IROD CHIPPER,MADDUX,MARIS,j. ROBINSON, GREENBERG , FOXX, carlton

    01 ud decade of 70ís bellbottom bashers need reggie and garvey

    03 avant wall of frame(14) /299 have ford, rizzuto, KILLEBREW
    03 playoff inside the numbers need chipper20,g. anderson24

    03 studio /25 have giambi, hunter

    03 studio gold /100 have Soriano, arod, thome, walker, giambi, BURRELL,SPIVEYCONTRERAS,PEDRO,NOMAR need rest

    05 Studio stars gold only /500 version need arod, Clemens, mulder, greene, jeter, harden, nomar, Griffey, walker, wright, R. Johnson

    06 showcase hot gloves have rolen

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