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    Multi-player cards: Yay or Nay?

    I collect Canadiens...that's it. I still need to add something for Thomas Vanek to my collection, like it or not. I'm not looking to invest much into that, just something to scratch the name off the list. Now, the rules for what can go into my collection are a little bizarre and convoluted. A player can be pictured in a Habs jersey (of course). If it is memorabilia (jersey, patch), I must be fairly certain the jersey in in fact a Habs jersey. If I'm talking auto he must be pictured in a Habs jersey, or juniour, AHL or international. All acceptable. Here's where I'm stuck. There's a couple Vanek H&P autos, I think there is an 05-06 Ultimate Memorabilia auto where he is pictured as a Rochester American. All acceptable. National Treasures has put out a few this year, but all autos or memorabilia I have seen are multi-player. This kind of kills it for me. Again, it's only Vanek (no offense to the man, he just doesn't hold any real place in team history), so it doesn't really matter that much. But how does everyone else feel? If you're a team or player collector, does having other players depicted on the card, especially ones from different teams, lessen your interest?

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    Absolutely yay for me. I love the variety in my PC with nice multi player cards featuring other Canucks, Swedes, rival teams, or whatever other interesting combos the manufacturers can dream up. Occasionally the player choices are absolute head scratchers which maybe I'm not so fond of, but usually the matchups make sense and are a welcome addition to the PC.
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    I also like the dual or triple player cards. Whether its with other pens or other teams. Some I do not like so I just simply will not buy it. As a pens fan I like the Malkin and Ovechkin dual auto cards. Even though Ovy is a rival I still like the card. I like the Russian triple with Datsyuk, Ovy, and Malkin. That's one example that I have in my PC.
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    I stick with the single player cards. I collect Beaulieu and it seems when he is on a card with other players the price of that card goes up drastically. I would rather not pay double or triple for a card that has players i don't collect.

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    I think dual-player cards with players from different teams is one of the worst ideas any card company every came up with. Especially since they seem to go out of their way to choose the absolutely worst possible combinations. While I understand the Ovi/Crosby rivalry is important for the NHL/TV etc, there is absolutely NO reason to put both of them on the same card. Frankly, if you like one of them, you despise the other. There is absolutely NO way I would buy an Ovie card that has Crybaby on it! If they make cards with a Pen and a Flyer, or a Bruin and a Hab, or a Duck and a Shark, etc, etc, etc., you are guaranteeing that anybody who would possibly want it will only want half of it. Again, absolutely stupid idea!

    The only time it is acceptable is when they have a group of players -- like the Top 3 goalies/ Goal scorers from last season, or the top four rookies drafted (and even that may be sketchy). Otherwise, if you make multi-player cards, keep them to the same team!!!!!
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    It really depends on the card and the players. UD wants to make a card with Carey, PK, and Gorges (like they did with SPx last year)? All for it. We'll be seeing Gallagher/Galchenyuk combos for years, and I'm thoroughly OK with that. As long as the combinations make sense, I love multi-player cards when it's all guys on the same team. I just added a card to my PC that doesn't make sense...The Cup has a Price/Roy/Theodore/Gorges card. I love three of those guys. One of the four isn't a goalie, so that's weird. And Theodore? Odd.

    When you get into multi-player cards from different teams...that's really dicey. If there's a real linkage between the players, sure. I've got a couple of Saku/Mikko Koivu cards. I'd have no real problem picking up anything with proper connections of the guys from the 2014 Olympic team (i.e. Price/Luongo) or if two guys played for the same junior team (this whole Gorges/Myers thing could be fun). But some of these rivalry cards I see, I just don't know. I hold my nose every time I look at my Price/Gorges/Subban/Lucic/Thomas/Chara SPGU Sixes Jersey...that's three really ugly Bruins there. This year's Artifacts has a Sixes rivalry card that has Pacioretty and Chara on the same card. I will never want that card.

    Going back to the OP, there's a couple Vanek cards I'd suggest to you: Ultra Road to the Championship Ticket or 13-14 Select Update. Simple, easy, and cheap way to acknowledge that footnote in history.
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    RGM81 nailed my thoughts exactly. I like multi player cards that make sense. There needs to be some kind of connection there, and not just that they both wore the same sweater at some point, but 10 years apart.

    Ranford stuff, I'm all for combos. Ranford / Fuhr has been overdone..... But they're obvious linkage makes them an easy choise. I'll keep adding them.

    I also collect all time Oilers. Like the OP mentioned though, i do not use multi player cards for this. I will also say though that I'm okay with a game used card of a guy in another uniform if an Oilers doesn't exist. I have all time rookies too, and obviously many are with other teams. Same with auto's.
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    Thanks for the comments so far. Sticking to my original example in Vanek, I guess where I get bumped a little is I would like to add a Vanek card, and these cards from National Treasures, while nice, and do show him in a Habs uni, are not Vanek cards. They are multi player cards. And while I have no problem with Nathan Horton or Dustin Brown, it taints the card for me. Another example...I will grab a Maurice Richard jersey if the price is right, but having Jonathan Cheechoo included on the card kills it. Wouldn't drop $10 on that. In another thread a poster mentioned he grabbed a Richard/Ovi off COMC for a nice price. I saw that one but was immediately turned off by Ovi's presence. And I can't even recall how many times I have been disgusted by how many pieces of Vezina memorabilia have been "ruined" IMHO by the inclusion of past Vezina winners that have nothing to do with him at all.

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    thank you for not buying the richard/ovechkin, I will agree that besides Ovechkin winning a goal scoring title that is named after him, they really have no connection. Although I was happy to add a piece of Richard to my collection.
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    It's really hard to say. Some multi-player cards I couldn't imagine ever owning because I wonder why it was produced in the first place. Some of them just mean nothing to me.

    And that's where you have to draw the line. Is there some significance in this card? yay or nay?

    I can understand lineage cards, passing the torch typa-card, players from the same country or even a play depicted in another uniform but the patch/jersey is from an old team. I like certain players and I will follow them from team to team so I like the transition.

    There are some cards out there that baffle me as to who concocted the idea of creating such a freak-show of a card. Maybe that could be an insert set year after year and they could call is Missing Link. Maybe then I would buy it lol

    Honestly I cannot be happy with owning a Richard card with Ovie on it. Makes no sense to me. If I get a Richard it has to be either players he played with at the time or a team lineage type of card. I could see the card passing my criteria if it were made a certain way but it seems like none of them are.

    Maybe I'm just picky. It couldn't be 'Rocket Richard winners' and having a picture of Richard and then an Ovie jersey etc. But at the same time I would love a 'Number Worthy' insert set of players rocking a number of a retired jersey that ended up living up to their predecessor. I would love a subset of all the good players that wore #19.

    Thats basically where it all lies... if the card means something to you then by all means get it.

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