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    Long time no show or tell! PC Whale Speared!

    Haven't posted a SnT thread in a while. And with a little bit of a break after exams I decided to scan of my recent pickups:

    Trade with canucksfan007:

    Trade with stamkosfan:

    And some misc. cards:

    And finally a white whale of mine that I was finally able to obtain at a price I was comfortable paying:

    All cards not Toews are FT/FS. Thanks for the look!
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    Nice stuff!

    Save me the Marty, im sure we can work something out next weekend at the show!
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    I don't collect RC cards and I don't collect the newer players, but every time I see one of those Draft Board cards, doesn't matter who the player is really, my eyes bug out just a little cuz they're sooooooo cool. Congrats to you, that must have been at least a little uncomfortable heh.
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    Great show and tell. The SP Authentic Limited Patch Auto for Toews if really nice.
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