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    First S&T, With a special piece of paper.

    Well, I guess it's time for a small S&T of my own. Some of these cards have a COMC signature on them, because I send most of my cards to COMC before having them sent over the atlantic. Here's a few of my Iginla PC:

    And my newly started Andersen PC:

    And here's a beauty that I received a year ago. I always try to keep stuff like this quiet, but I did something nice for someone on the forums, and wanted to share the letter I got in return. I've since taken the time to frame it, and it's the most prized possession in my card collection. =)

    I'm really fond of it, and I've been thinking about doing a collection for a year where I start with only a few cards, and build up a large collection of cards by trading with people, slowly increasing the value of it, until I auction it all off as a lot a year later and donate the money to a charity.

    It's something to think about at least, but I haven't made up my mind quite yet about it.

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    That's just fantastic, Martin! SCF has some of the best people you could possibly sort-of meet, I've been blessed with more than a few surprise gifts in my time here. Good on yas, whatever Nebula said goes double for me :D

    AND there's a few less Jarome Iginla cards floating around in North America so thanks for that too ahahahaa!!!!
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    What a dapper-looking fellow. He talks a lot for a cat eh? :)

    Great PC Martin!
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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