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    Some Highlights from 2014-15 Ultimate Memorabilia Breaks

    I don't really break much wax anymore or even post many threads (don't want to waste my final infraction points on something minor) but thought that I would share some of the highlights from my breaks , since every other post is of Upper Deck, with exception to the nice pics that one other user uploaded last night. No grand-slam home-run for me this time around but part of that is likely having unrealistic expectations and also, years of being spoiled with the previously larger 10-box cases. I've already moved allot of the other cards and for some reason(?), am putting together a base set which I'll likely just end-up selling or trading anyways. If you're looking for something specific, drop me a pm and I'll steer you to one of my friends who are selling allot of the cards.

    The first scan shows cards that are all /3
    The second scan shows scans that are all /10 (plus Lemieux /7)
    The third scans show 1/1's

    Both the Bucyk and Yzerman sticks feature autographs, so they're almost Lumbergraphs :)

    Although it wasn't the 1/1 that I jokingly "called for" (ala a Subban 1/1 once upon a time) but it was still good enough to warrant a new graded sleeve.

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    Really nice stuff. The Richard and Morenz I think are my favorites in there.... but the stick cards are all really good. That stick rack at the end... did they even make one with a better 1-2-3 combo? That one is pretty awesome.
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    Lmk what you need for the Richard if it is ft. Thanks

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    Great last hit .... just something about no head shots makes me cringe =S ... I know they cant picture them, but IMO it really hurts the card
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