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    Back from the Expo. Had a MEGA good time!

    Another fall Expo has come and gone. Always a good time. For the first time ever, I went with the weekend pass. Too busy to put the time in on Friday & Saturday I normally would, so went all three days.

    Always a pleasure meeting up with a few of the other members here: Chris (hossasens81), Paul (Ranvens Creed), Scott (scottkoz), and Andrew (flemingc) nice to see all you guys again! (And nice to meet the other Chris, bossyscards, for the first time!).

    Anyway, I'll get to my show and tell.

    Here's a sampling of some random shineys from the 90s I grabbed. Picked up a lot of this stuff.... some of it I wanted, some of it looked like a good deal (talking less than $1 per card) I havn't decided all of which is which yet, lol:

    Speaking of 90s, here's another random sampling of some I got from Chris (hossasens81). I'm working (slowly) on a 94-95 Score Master set. A friend of his had these (and others) to move... he was nice enough to bring the lot along for me:

    Next up I've got a few other random cards I found at various booths:

    Bugjastad finished off my set. Needed the Ranford Artifacts (set is brand new). Luongo is for another set I'm working on. Brule is an upgrade on the one I already have (and was dirt cheap, not even close to the book value printed there). The Checklist card I jumped on too quickly. Got a great deal on it, but I've already got it. Need the Series 2 (anyone want to trade straight up?? lol). The ARMY card from Prime was actually not from a booth, but from Scott! Traded a few Classic Sigs for it. Much appreciated!!

    Now onto some box breaks:

    Friday, I did a few boxes of ITG Canadiana (at $35 a pop, couldn't resist). Here's the better stuff (yeah, the politicians are in there because I'm keeping them too. Another thing besides Sports that I've always been into):

    The Yzerman / Lemieux is FT/FS - but the rest are keepers. I've got a bunch of base still (if anyone needs it) but the blues and my others autos & memorabilia cards all went to COMC already.

    Next up, results of a couple of 13-14 BTP boxes with redemptions. Good price on the boxes, and the redemptions always add great value:

    Have all the other hits too, but these were the top 6. The Nurse & the triple were my redemptions. I'm keeping the Nurse, but everything else is FT / FS if you're interested.

    Also did a couple of boxes of Upper Deck Series 1. Not going to scan everything, but here's a 9 card sample. If you're looking for Shining stars, drop me a line (blues or regulars) as I have no need for them. My brother is doing the Canvas set, so I'm flipping all of those to him....and the YGs and Heroes are all for me :) Only two boxes in, so no doubles there yet:

    And what would UD1 be without redemptions???

    Not the Ranford /20 I wanted.... but they'll do just fine. Nice hits. Bernier and Potvin are definetly FT / FS. Then there's the YG of me! Great promo by UD... I couldn't resist. I am a little upset with the lighting though. Anyone who has ever met me will tell you that I cut my hair short... I guess it is starting to thin a bit.... but I am not bald! lol. Picture is pretty awful, but whatever. Had two made up.... one (pretty much the same pose) in a Blue Oilers jersey too.

    And finally, the card that prompted the title. I found it Friday, talked to the dealer who had it. We talked about a trade (I had no cards with me) of either cards, or cards & cash. It was out of my price range.... but I wanted it. He told me he'd hold it until Noon Saturday, which seemed more than fair to me.

    So I went back the next day. First card I had to show him was this one. It was actually the card (would he be interested, based on his sign out front) in aquiring it from me? I was looking to move it.....

    (I pulled that guy from a box about a month ago).

    The second card I showed him was a recent redemption I got from UD. An old 11-12 SPA box yeilded this one:

    Two great cards. With his interest in the first one (I knew this from the day before) and the fact that the second one is a pretty nice group of players, I figured I might be able to work something out that didn't involve me spending any money. He looked them over, thought about it, and then asked me what I wanted to do. My reply? "If you'll take my two for your one, I'm leaving happy." We shook on it, and the deal was made.

    I am THRILLED to be showing off this one..........................

    Lord Stanley's Mug MEGA PATCH 1/1!

    Did I over pay on the trade? Maybe a bit... but I don't think all that much. I got what I thought was the much bigger card, and one that will have a permant home in my collection, rather than being used to flip for cash or cards. REALLY happy I found this one.

    Thanks for looking!
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    You did not over-pay. I am quite familiar with ITG Mega Patches 1/1, pulled, bought, sold a few and I havn't even dealt with a PC player yet!

    That one Young gun is not numbered... throw it away!


    Okay bad week-end for me I only attended Sunday. Met an SCF'er though. In May though it's on. I will be in Toronto for 3 days!

    Shiny 90's you say? I have 5,000 insets I haven't sorted through yet lol I might have what you need. I might have it all sorted out in 6 months haha

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    Great stuff Sean! Congrats on the big 1/1!
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    Congrats once again on the patch. Just an amazing find for you.

    Love the breaks and glad I could help with the score set.

    You should sign your Young Gun and number it to 2 lol.

    Feel strange saying this but love the Potvin (lived in TO when he was the man there). Nice little hit
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    Congrats on the Mega Patch .. pretty sweet addition to the ole PC

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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Cunnuc: The more I think about it, the more I think you are right. The amount of $$$ I could reasonably expect to have got for those two cards is pretty similar to what this guy was asking for on the Ranford. The fact that I was happy to make the deal should tell me all I need to know about value here.

    When you do get it sorted out, drop me a line. Right now I'm just looking at that 94-95 Score Stuff.... but in 6 months, who knows?? lol
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    nice pick up, I think I was in line behind you at the upper deck promo picture, I had my 6 month old son with me.
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    Beauty pickup Sean, really glad the Mega Patch went to the PC where it belongs. When you get bored of it and decide to collect someone else instead, you know who'll be happy to take it off your hands... till then enjoy what must be one of the cornerstones of your collection!
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    Very nice additions man! Love the YG of you and the mega Ranford patch. I doubt i have anything for it, but would love a shot at the Bernier YG auto for the pc, lmk.

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