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    WTTF 14-15 Prestige True Colors Patches Doesn't Matter Colors or Player

    Just trying to put the set together. Lmk Whatcha got and Whatcha need.

  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    I got a Johnny O"Bryant Patch one. Do you have a tradelist or bucket?

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    I don't have enough trade bait for a list of bucket, where I'm just getting back into the hobby, that I KNOW of, I have..

    Faried Crusade Quest JSY
    Faried Panini Auto

    and a Buncha rookies from pre 11-12

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    Do you have any Rookies of Kobe, Blake Griffin, Durant, Lebron, or John Wall. Also a Kevin Love Cosigners RC or Ibaka Prestige RC?

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    What year was ibaka? I may have one of those.

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    I have a cj Wilcox gu true colors... Interested in the farried auto

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    Is it the patch /25?

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    Ibaka is 2009-10, but Im working on getting one in. Its a low end rookie.

    Let me know about the others RCs and if you have any Lakers Autos or GUs. Thanks.

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    PC: Adrian Gonzalez....

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    Yea what u need for em, cards/$$

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