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    13-14 series 1 vs 14-15 production numbers...??

    Based on the weak rookie class it was assumed there would be less produced this but looking at the exclusives /100 odds .. they 1 : 54 for 14-15 and 1:48 for 13-14. ...that would mean even more for 14-15. ...unless I'm reading that wrong...

    Obviously this is hobby only...anyone do some math in estimated cases produced for each based on hobby numbering???

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    I did a quick look for information. Can't find the 1:54 (maybe it's written on the box or pack? I tossed mine already, can't remember).

    Going on memory.... an Exclusive counts as either the cards #/100 or the #/10 version (each are "Exclusives" just different types of Exclusives).

    If your 1:54 is correct:

    250 cards x 100
    250 cards x 10

    = 25,000 (ex /100)
    2,500 (ex /10)

    = 27,500 total
    x54 packs to pull a single card

    = 1,485,000 packs
    /24 (packs per box)
    = 61,875 boxes (approx)

    So.... for Young Guns:
    61,875 boxes x 6 YGs per box:
    = 371,250 YGs total
    /50 (different cards)

    = 7,425 copies of each card.

    Of course, like you already mentioned, this is in hobby boxes. Blasters & Tins would be more. I'll be the total number of each card is somewhere in the 10k-12k range.

    I might be wrong on combining the /100 and /10 parallels. There would be 2500 less cards to find (if I was wrong) which would mean 135k less packs, 5,625 less boxes, and the production on the YGs would drop by about 135 copies (each).
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    Sounds about right. Thanks.

    I pulled a exclusive yg today and it still had 6 more YG's in box.
    So they don't count as the 6..

    Looks like the production differences can be on the retail side since it's so hard to calculate.

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