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    What Happened To The 2014 Draft Class?

    Is it just me or is the class of 2014 rookies looking like one bug bunch of busts?

    #1 Jadeveon Clowney - 2 tackles
    #3 Blake Bortles - 1900 yards 8 TDs 14 INTs
    #4 Sammy Watkins - 45 catches 649 yards 5 TDs
    #5 Khalil Mack - 51 tackles, 1 FF, no sacks, no INTs
    #7 Mike Evans - 39 catches 585 yards 5 TDs
    #8 Justin Gilbert - 23 tackles, no INTS, no sacks, no FF
    #9 Anthony Barr - 58 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 FF, 0 INTs (looking like the best defensive player of the group)
    #10 Eric Ebron - 10 catches 103 yards 1 TD

    I know it is early, but these guys were supposed to be difference makers. Other than one or two players it is looking like the bulk of the first round will be average players, back-ups or out of the NFL. Teddy Bridgewater has a whopping 3 TDs which isn't bad when you consider Manziel hasn't even stepped on the field. The great group of CBs that included Justin Gilbert, Kyle Fuller, Darquez Dennard, Jason Verrett and Bradley Roby, all who were taken in the first round, appears to be the only group that is doing what they were drafted for. It's looking like the best decision any team made in the first round was the Panthers snagging Kelvin Benjamin at #28. in general the first round, and especially the top 10 picks, are looking like a big disappointment to me.

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    Depending on who you read about, all of these guys, as well as the next 100+ drafted, were all destined for the HOF! Seems that way with each draft class...."Hyped" from the outset. But as time tells they either don't fit in to a specific offensive/defensive scheme, have a QB that couldn't throw, college level talent that doesn't translate to the pros or injuries that take their toll. I have found in my short collecting years that patience is a must with any draft class. They all need to have time to mature, learn, gain experience and develop. It's a roller coaster ride from their first preseason snap all the way thru until they either obtain that special something or are labeled busts. Some will make it to the Hall, some will be good, some will be career long decent players and some will be found under a Google search of "Where Are They Now?"
    Just look at HOFer Cris Carter, he didn't have a 1000 yd receiving season until his 7th year in the league! No Pro Bowls until that same year, 1993. Drew Brees didn't click until his 4th year. First three yrs in San Diego, 29 TD's/31 Int's. From then on it's been all falling into place for his spot in Canton to be reserved.
    In this day of "instant gratification" some players will make an instant impact, but most are going to be works in progress for quite a while.

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    we need more then little over half a season to judge a class... I still think this class is light years ahead of 2013.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frizzzlecake View Post
    we need more then little over half a season to judge a class... I still think this class is light years ahead of 2013.
    Poop on a stick is better than the 2013 class.

    But I think it is a little early to declare the 2014 Draft Class an official bust but I think it will end up looking more like the 2013 class than the 2012 in the long run.
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    The receivers from this class are doing very well. Typically receivers don't come straight in and light it up but Evans, Beckham, Watkins, Benjamin, and Cooks all look pretty good.

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    Add WR's Jordan Matthews and Martavis Bryant to that list also! On the defensive side check out Chris Borland - LB 49ers and Anthony Barr - LB Vikings.

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    Just doing this for fun! Perspective! Galatians 6:9
    In memory of my son (my collecting buddy), Aaron 4/8/88-4/8/05

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    This class is very underrated in my opinion. Look at all of the WR's making an impact. Cooks & A robinson (Both on IR now but they have bright futures). Carlos Hyde & Tre Mason are feature backs waiting to happen. Manziel has not played so no opinion there. Bridgewater will be fine along with Bortles. Carr is on such a bad team that it is hard to decide but he has played well at times. Jimmy Garappolo will the heir to Brady. Kyle Fuller has played well on defense along with Anthony Barr. Clowney is just about to start making an impact. Mack has been a starter and solid for the Raiders. Robinson for the Rams is fitting in nicely now. Beckham Jr. is tremendous along with Martavis Bryant. Mike Evans is on pace for 1,000 yards. Far Far from a bust of a class.

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    Way too early to judge a rookie class in it's first year. As a Rams fan I am very excited about how Tre Mason has played the past couple of weeks and it looks like he can develop into a decent player. The WRs have done exceptionally well b/c we need to remember that it usually takes 3 years for a WR to make any sort of impact. Only rookie I have been disappointed in so far is Cody Lattimer who can't even seem to hit the field and i have two of his autos lol.

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    I know the Cowboys have been very happy with their drafts the last few seasons. Jones looked like an idiot but then this season it seemed to all come together. Hopefully it will continue.

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    I am still not seeing this draft class looking that special. Because 3 or 4 receivers did well in a pass-happy NFL isn't that impressive (OK Beckham looks like a stud, but so did Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith for a year or two). 18 QBs attempted 450 or more passes. Even an average receiver should be able to catch 50 passes in a season with most QBs averaging nearly 30 pass attempts per game. And when you look at the guys who were supposed to be the "stars" of this draft...Clowney finished the year or IR, Bortles finished with 2900 yards 11 TDs and 17 INTs, Manziel was horrible once he finally got on the field, Khalil Mack managed a whopping 73 tackles and 4 sacks, Eric Ebron caught 23 passes, Teddy Bridgewater did at least manage to throw 2 more TDs than INTs which I guess is special considering he didn't have AP to take the heat off of him. I am just not seeing much from this draft to look forward to in the future.

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