Hello Community,

I talked many times with Gerald (Gerald/hairytrojan/MJ23COLLECTOR, Ebay user ID windycitysportscards) on msn messanger. We had a good relationship. We made a deal around three month ago. I bought 2 cards (07/08 UD Black 50th Anniversary autograph 1/1 of Robert Parish and K.-A. Jabbar). I asked him before he shipped the cards if the condition is good (I always ask this question). He told me yes and I payed.

I got the cards and one of them is here...

I contacted him and he told me that I can send back both cards. I told him that just one card is damage and I would like to send the Parish back (he lied because and said that I got a combined price, I need to send both cards back, I told him he should have a look on the history of msn messenger and he will see that we talked about 2 seperate prices).

Then I heard a looooooong time nothing from him. Everytime I tried to talk to him about the situation he blocked (ohhhh I have to go, and he gone offline). Today I wrote him once again and now he say "you try to sell the cards on ebay so now I won´t accept that you want to send the cards back".

Hahahahaha...just ridiculous. In my opinion that´s not the behaviour of a serious Collector and I just want to warn you! The true character shows when there is a problem.

Best regards