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    Need Help Finding missing P.J. Hairston Cards (2014-15 Hoops & Prestige)

    I've run out of Lead's and need Help Finding a few P.J. Hairston card's that I'm missing. I would be intrested in either buying or trading for the following cards I'm missing from both hoops and prestige. I've made this spreadsheet on Google Sheets showing the cards that I'm needing the one's in red are the one's I'm looking for. If you run across any please contact me.

    Thank you,


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    Can you tell the difference between the prestige, prestige plus, and or prestige premium?

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    yes, the regular prestige has a white background. the Plus has a foil background. the premium a refractor background. It took me a while to figure this out kinda confusing. True Colors inserts was confusing to figure out difference also. The Premiums in hand also is a thicker card.
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    Updated list with Totally Certified Checklist and Panini Stickers Please take a look and let me know what's available.

    Thank you

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    Please let me know which one you have aleckeegan, I have some but there is still alot I am missing in prestige.

    Thank you

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    its just base. I got that confused with noah vonleh

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