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Thread: "One of a Kind" Patch Cards

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    "One of a Kind" Patch Cards

    I'm trying to create one of the best game-used patch collections out there consisting of above average players from 1990-Present (will consider legends before that time).

    Patches come in different forms of rarity when taking patch cuts/placements into consideration so in order for me to have a collection that I can truly consider one of the best I will need patches you just don't come across all the time hence them being "One of a Kind" (some teams best patches don't really look all that unique such as Edmonton/Philly/ Carolina/Montreal/Rangers/Devils among others unless you get some sort of anniversary patch so I do keep that in mind).

    When I look at a card/patch it has to meet the following criteria in order for me to consider buying it,

    - Must be numbered (Never really seen a patch card that wasn't numbered)
    - Must be a Game-used Patch ( Not interested in event or photoshoot patches which are usually from rookies or retired players)
    - Must be on-card auto IF auto'ed (Autographs are great to have but not a must since I'm trying to create a patch collection)
    - Patch HAS to match the team and players jersey being shown (not interested in a Boston patch on a Dallas Star Seguin card for example)
    - Card must show some sort of player on the card (not interested in a patch card that only shows a players name and no picture of the player)
    - Card must be in good condition

    The rest of the things I look for are really just a personal preference such as card designs (could have the best patch but sometimes I just don't like the look of the card in general)


    A link to my collection to help give an idea of what I look for in a patch,
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    cracking a case of itg used soon, maybe ill pull you a One of A Kind subset patch :), i have a thread in hockey card talk asking for wantlists, hit it up if you want, will be using that to go in order of wants from the posts

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    If you feel you anything close to what I might be interested in please LMK =)

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    Doesn't get much more unique than this:

    Let me know if you're interested, Thanks!

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    I have a Beau Bennett 1/1 patch tag auto

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    Alot of decent offers so far , please keep them coming :)

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    Some intereted in any of these,

    and the coolest patch I own;

    - Non-Certified Autographed Cards
    - Jeremy Roenick Numbered Cards

    Hidden Content

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    above average... wonder if it includes this guy ? :

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