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    Need 1997 Brunell Jaguars Bible AUTO cards!

    1997 Brunell Jaguars Bible cards - My Needs from this set are in the little message boxes - does anyone have these variants I need?!?

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    anyone do TTM autos may have these variants - please check thank you

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    I have two (same card) auto'd from his fanclub.
    They're in my PC, but like I said...I have two.
    Would trade one for something I need.

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    Click on the picture I you have one of the variants I NEED?!?!

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    jedi - didn't see the Brunell's in your I take it you didn't have what I needed...anyone else get TTM autos of Brnuell from the past!?

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    I am almost certain I still have one of these cards...problem is, I am not home right now nor am I sure when I will be (within next few weeks is as close as I can figure) but if you will PM me this thread so I can remember to look when I get there that would be great. I will add a scan to this thread when I get home.

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