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Thread: FT vintage CFL football cards

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    FT vintage CFL football cards

    i have 20 or 25 of these from the early 60's.

    anybody collecting them?
    also have a 1991 all world CFL set featuring Rocket Ismail

    can do up scans if anybody is interested

    pm works best

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    players are

    Dick Shatto
    Norm Stoneburgh
    Bobby Kuntz
    Jim Andreotti
    Doug McKenzie
    Gino Fracas
    Vic Champman
    Art Scullion
    Mike Volcan
    Ronnie Dundas
    Frank Rigney
    Sandy Stephens
    Zeno Karcz
    E A Sims
    Earl Lunsford
    Eagle Day
    Sonny Homer
    and a few more

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