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    looking for dual gu cards involving celtics players

    i'am looking for dual gu cards involving celtic players........lmk what u got

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    got an 02-03 ud honor roll dual warm up kg/wall z (celtics, now) and a few other single celtics gu:

    04-05 black diamond rookie jersey delonte west
    05-06 pristine gu paul pierce /500

    plmk, thanks!

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    i got both the single gu cards and i'am mainly looking for guys that r in celtic uniform on the card

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    i got a david garrard ball/patch rc and a kevin faulk jersey from your sig. plmk, thanks.

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    how much do u want for the has to b a good deal cuz i really don't like garard

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    I have a 03-04 UD Finite Elements GU of Paul Pierce, no dual but figured id let ya know.

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    lol its a 4 color patch books 20 i believe, $7 dlvd?

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    oh, and i have a 2004 bowman's best rc greg jones jersey and a 2002 piece of the game pro bowl jersey of mark brunell /150. plmk, thanks!

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    hex-no thanks
    hoop- yah its def a reasonable price but i just don't like do it for 5$ but i hate lowballing ur asking price cuz the card is definately worth more than that

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    hex-no thanks on the jones and the brunell

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