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    Has anyone seen the parallels of the ITG/Leaf Draft "clear" box redemption set?

    So ITG/Leaf had a deal that if you sent in "x" number of box-tops/bar-codes (whatever) of the ITG Draft you could redeem it for a set of the clear plastic draft cards (other posts have them shown). I am hawking for the Haydn Fleury (and I snagged a regular one, not numbered, but limited to 80) from eBay for $5.

    There was some mention in the promotion that there would be parallels.... and I can not find any information on this at all... or photos....

    Has anyone received sets that don't have a yellow stripe? Any hand numbered cards?

    I will pay a kings ransom for the Haydn Fleury!


    - Rob

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    nobody? Can someone from leaf confirm that a parallel set exists?

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