I have $4 cash or basketball for the an auto or GU of one of these players
Jose Reyes
Andruw Jones
Brian McCann
Chipper Jones
Vernon Wells
Adam Laroche
Matt Diaz
Jeff Francouer
Marcus Giles
Edgar Renteria
Chuck James

Basketball Autos
2005-06 Topps Big Game Picture Perfect #SM Sean May JSY/AU (/199) $25.00 (incoming)
2005-06 SP Authentic Sensational Sigs #CV Charlie Villanueva $25.00 (incoming)
2005-06 Topps First Row Signature Swish #SS-DL David Lee (/190) $10.00 (incoming)
2002-03 SP Authentic SP Signatures #GW Gerald Wallace
2004-05 Black Diamond GemoGRAPHy KH Kris Humphries BV $10
2003-04 Bowman Signs of the Future #JHA Jarvis Hayes $15.00
2002-03 SP Authentic Casey Jacobsen Auto /1500 #163
2004-05 Sage Hit Kris Humphries Auto #A32
2004-05 Press Pass Kris Humphries Auto
2002-03 Sage Jiri Welsch Auto #A32
1998 Collector Edge of Tennesse Al Harrington Auto #15
Rashad McCants Sweet Shot Signature Shots auto BV $25 (incoming)
04-05 Jason Richardson Hardcourt Clear Commemoratives auto BV $15 (incoming)
2000-01 Michael Jordan Sage Autograph BV $2 (incoming)
2003 UD Top Prospects Signs of Sucess Dahntay Jones #SS-DJ
2000-01 Corey Maggette Upper Deck Encore Star Signatures Auto (incoming)
2002-03 Topps Xpectations Corey Maggette Auto (incoming)
2003-04 Eddy curry fleer showcase auto /540 (HTG)
2005-06 SP Signature Edition Script For Success David Lee 122/200 (HTG)
2005 UD Trilo3y Stephon Marbury Signs of Stardom #SI-SM (HTG)
2003-04 Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives Steve Francis Auto BV $20 (incoming)(HTG)
04-05 Jalen Rose Hardocourt Commerotives auto BV $12 (HTG)
04-05 Sweet Shot Signature Shots Jameer Nelson (incoming but is traded to Bloodshot13 of TR )

Basketball Game Used
iguadala pristine personal pieces 350/350 (incoming)
carmelo luxury box lay-up /500 (incoming)
Nate Robinson Topps Pristine GU BV $10 (incoming)
05-06 Bowman Bravo! Carmelo Anthony Jrsy (incoming)
2003-04 Flair Hot Numbers Corey Maggette 2 clr patch /50 (incoming)
2004-05 Fleer Buyback Feel The Game Corey Maggette 2clr patch /44 (incoming)
2003-04 Topps Pristine Recruit Relics Brian Cook #PR-BC
2003-04 Topps Pristine Recruit Relics Dahantay Jones #PR-DJ
2005-06 Topps Bazooka Bazooka All Access Luther Head #BAA-LH
2004-05 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches Gary Payton #SW-GP
2004-05 Topps Jersey Edition Allan Houston #JEAH
2005-06 Upper Deck Hardcourt Materials #GW Gerald Wallace
2003-04 SPx Winning Materials Lamar Odom #WM-27
2004-05 Upper Deck Hardcourt cOMBO Steve Nash #HCM-SN
2002-03 Fleer PLatinum Platinum Portraits Shane Batiier 3 clr Patch /100 #PP-SB (Slightl;y Damaged, I cna get a pic if needed)
05-06 SPx Winning Materials Gilbert Arenas JSY
Steve Francis Contemporary Collection Milestone Materials GU $12
Chris Bosh UD Rookie Exclusives GU BV $12 (incoming)
Chris Bosh Chrome-Town Heroes GU BV $12 (incoming)
03-04 Chris Bosh Topps Jersey Editon GU BV $20 (incoming)