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    Sunday Sale... Lot blowout style... updates coming throughout the day!

    OK i'm gonna try something different.. I have put some lots together here ... ill add more as I move them
    also feel free to off on anything in my past sale thread

    All lot pricing does not include s/h
    $3 US Shipping
    Canada $7 Bubble

    Lot 1:$$SOLD$$

    UD Buybacks /25: $20 for the lot!
    Bourque CL

    Lot 2 :

    The Cup Program Of Excellence $130 for the lot!
    Phaneuf Program Of Excellence /10
    Robitaille Program Of Excellence /10
    12-13 Bergeron Program Of Excellence /10

    Lot 3:

    Nail Yakupov lot: $50 for the lot!
    SPA SOTT x 2
    National Treasures Timelines Thick Seam /50
    National Treasures Timeline Sick patch /50
    Titanium 3 star auto /50 $
    Prizm Green

    Lot 4:

    Rookie lot! $30 for the lot!
    Neal Yg
    Mackinnon Overtime rc
    Toffoli Score Gold rc x 2
    Pearson Certified Purple SP
    Pearson Titanium ruby /99
    Pearson Rc Materials
    Pearson SPX base rc
    Tarasenko RC Materials SPX
    Titanium ruby /99: Granlund
    Bernier Ultra Ice Medallion /100
    Tarasenko Score Gold rc
    Stamkos Victory Rc
    Kane Victory Rc
    Johansen vic rc
    Voracek rc materials

    Lot 5 :$$SOLD$$

    YG and excluisve lot: $10 for the lot!
    Peckham Yg exclusives
    Anisimov Yg exclusives
    Demers YG
    Rosehill YG
    2013-14 UD YGS:
    Coyle x 2
    Latta x3
    Conacher x 2
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    lots 1 and 5 sold!!!

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    2 down...3 to go

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