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    Has playoff prestiage been booked out yet?

    Juts wondering. Bought a box yesterday even though I dont collect football. I pulled a Leinhart RC and was wondering how much it was?

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    JRaba, can you tell me what the David Thomas SP Xtra Points is going for? Thanks..

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    David Thomas SP $30 Base Card

    Xtra Points:

    Gold x .6 $18
    Red x .8 $24
    Purple x .8 $24
    Green x 1 $30
    Black x 1.2 $36

    There you go

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    Thanks dillon..

    One question.. How do you tell which one it is? I'm guessing it's the color of the banner where the name is.. Mine came from a retail pack and the banner is blue..

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    Not sure what you are reffering to?...........i dont think there is a Regular or Blue X-tra Points version, unless its a retail exclusive that is not listed in the book as of yet.

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