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    Finished Set, 13-14 Series 1 Young Guns Exclusives , #201-250!

    In collecting most things MacKinnon this past year, I decided to put together his YG set in as many varieties as I could expect for HG /10 (possible maybe, but not at all affordable)
    Never-the-less, I found the most difficult card to find was actually Danny DeKeyser! I think some of them either didn't make it into the product or someone bought them all up and has 50 of them in their PC. Who knows, but I found the one I needed for my set, so without anymore jabbering, here are the pics :) I will be putting them in one of these displays when I get around to ordering one.

    Thanks for watching!

    Now if anyone has any of the YGs posted above in BGS 10 (regular YG), I am working on that set as well. I have 11 of 50. And the chase continues :)
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    Looking for Run For The Cup cards from 1996-97 Black Diamond #/100.

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    They look great together!
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