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Thread: !!!!!new sales thread!!!!!

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    !!!!!new sales thread!!!!!


    here are some of my cards I wouldnt mind sending thru the mail for the right offer! Please either pm me or comment on which of the cards you would be interested in. Most cards are not priced firm and are VERY negotitable, so dont be afraid if the price is high. Trading will be an option too.

    Henrique 12$
    Brunner 6$
    Nelson 40$

    Gallagher/Galchenyuk 50$

    Nichushkin 30$

    Toews 60$
    Richards 14$


    Dumont 25$
    Garbutt 14$
    Smith 12$

    Phaneuf 60$

    Quad Auto 16$
    Missianen 5$


    Thanks for looking!!


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