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Thread: Series 1 and SPA Wowwwwwwwwww

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    Series 1 and SPA Wowwwwwwwwww

    Opened a box and some packs of series 1 today and heres what I got ....

    Shining Stars

    Game Used and a few Canvas's

    Young Guns

    And I guess these would be the BIG hits ....2 Canvas Young Guns and a buyback of a guy I have never heard of out of 25

    Now for some SP Authentic

    Silver skates and an old SOTT inserted as a bonus

    Future Watch autos and non autos

    Tavares 93-94 retro auto and another SECOND Morgan Rielly gold auto /99

    And then this beauty ...1 in 3500 packs group A Sp .....and my first ever Gretzky auto ..I honestly said holy sh*****t when I saw it in the store ....

    So there we have it ....last post for a little bit ...thanks for looking everything but the Fleury jersey and the Gretz is available ...Happy Holidays everyone

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    Great hits, you look really happy!
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    The want list at this link features what I need of Giroux, Couturier, Ottawa Senators, and Miscellaneous set. If you have nothing from it I will consider CFL cards, current Senators, Carey Price, Guy Lafleur, Patrick Roy (Habs), vintage hockey (pre 1970) and trade bait.

    Thanks and Happy Trading.

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    Nothing quite like pulling your own Gretzky auto from a pack. Everyone should get to do that at least once!
    Looking for Run For The Cup cards from 1996-97 Black Diamond #/100.

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    Congrats buddy! Welcome to the club! Thats a very nice Gretzky and if you ever look to move it, send me a PM.

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    very nice Gretzky!

    msg mikecole141 on the UD buyback /25, hes doing the set

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    Pm me a price for the Lazar. Congrats on the Gretzky auto :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sensarmy73 View Post
    Pm me a price for the Lazar. Congrats on the Gretzky auto :)
    sorry dude shipping to Canada is more than the card is worth

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