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    For those wanting a box of racing, check out this deal

    $15 for a box of 2013 PP Ignite from Blowout Cards on Black Friday.....for 1 R/U and 1 Auto per box, can't beat that deal. Anybody plan on getting a box or more?

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    For that price, I sure hope they have a bunch and not just a few. The 20 box blaster case looks like a good price for a few shots.

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    I tried, even tried on the 2014 blaster case. Had them in my cart to check out and guess what, Nope. Sold out!!!

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    Well, unless they busted a case and added it, I got card #0 in the box I had and the bonus hit so it will be interesting to see what comes out!

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    phew i got smoked on those-no chance-I did get some decent deals on retail cases and blasters though.

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