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    New trade list New and old stuff from the last few years

    Looking for wings only in trade. Top two priority's are Nyquest and Tatar. Trade BV for BV not ebay prices. I do not have access to beckett or beckett online so who ever I trade with I hope you will be honest in the value of the cards. I prefer not to trade outside the US at this time because of shipping cost. So if your in the US lets trade. Here is the link to what I have.

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    I am interested in your 14-15 Canvas base and Canvas Young Guns. Also like your shining stars blue and maybe the regular young guns. I have online beckett so I can look up any BV you like.
    Please check my page

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    I only seen one card I'm really into but I know it wont happen. 9-10 UD Fab 4 Fabrics #F4F-GRTS

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