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    Cutting down on my collection Selling or trading lots of autos NFL MLB MiLB

    Have been collecting for the past few years just dont have the time or passion anymore so Im looking to cut down on a lot of my collection.

    I am selling lots of 10 autographs for $7 plus $2 shipping for first lot.

    In these lots will be Certified cards, in person cards, TTM cards, photos, tickets, index cards, and custom cards, I will also probably throw in some inserts or extra autos too.

    AND I will give away a Game Used Sebastian Valle batting glove to someone before Christmas.

    PM or comment if interested!

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    Or I can trade for Eagles memorabilia

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    i think blind sales are illegal on here
    have 5336 different cardinals cards
    Total Different Cardinals Autos: (211 MLB Players) Total cardinals autos: (311)
    Total baseball Autos: (721)

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