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    Court ruling challenges Obama immigration action

    Interesting bit of info here. Along with the challenge, it is also revealed that these OPT workers are exempt from paying Medicare and Social Security taxes, which is interesting since Obama specifically stated that the workers who would be allowed to stay under his executive order would still have to pay the same taxes that everyone else does. Seems Mr. Obama can not open his mouth without a lie falling out...

    In a ruling that could short-circuit one of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, a federal court has allowed U.S. tech workers to challenge extensions of foreign laborers’ status here.

    The case of Washington Alliance of Technology Workers v. the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has “major implications” for the president’s ability to expand the number of work visas and the terms or durations of those visas, said Dale Wilcox, executive director of the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

    Foreign students or recent graduates can use student F-1 visas to take jobs through OPT. Employers don’t have to pay them a prevailing wage, and they are exempt from Medicare and Social Security taxes, making OPT workers “inherently cheaper” than U.S. workers, the lawsuit argues.

    Huvelle ruled that the IT plaintiffs with degrees in computer programming “were in direct and current competition with OPT students on a STEM extension. This competition resulted in concrete and particularized injury.”

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    Please move to P&R somehow I managed to post in Chit-Chat...

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    It is good to know that our politicians can be easily bought and paid for by the likes of Zuckerberg and Bill Gates so they can make even more money.

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