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    Brodeur with the Blues bad for his legacy and the hobby

    Unfortunately, Martin Brodeur appears to be the Brett Favre of the NHL these days, tarnishing an already hall of fame career by hanging on to play what we're all expecting to be a mediocre final run with a team who isn't the New Jersey Devils, the team he will always be associated with.

    Making the issue doubly-bad is what I fully expect Upper Deck to do as soon as they can: flood the market with annoying Brodeur-with-the-Blues cards. It's the game-used cards that they are going to over-produce that I fear the most. I figure it is as bound to happen as is continuing to find Bruins Joe Thornton cards still, and sticker autos of non-players somehow squeezed onto checklists despite having not played more than a handful of NHL games 4 years ago because UD can't toss away those worthless sheets of sticker autos they have that the player signed during his rookie year before turning into a massive bust, never to be seen or heard from again.

    Martin Brodeur Blues GU cards... they're coming, and they're probably coming in droves. Bet on it.

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    My expectation on the GU front is that they're going to use all the Devils stuff first. They may not have the time/resources to acquire a Blues gamer, and my guess is that you won't see anything like that until 15-16 products at the earliest. They may have a Blues photo on the card, but we can expect him to be in products regardless bearing old Devils materials.
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    I know people don't tend to like white jersey pieces but perhaps having a white jersey piece inserted won't look as bad as putting in red pieces, we all know upper deck will jump at the chance to include brodeur in sets, the real question is, which set will be the first one to feature him
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    If they can actually get him to sign cards again, I would expect something like Signature Patches would be huge hits (if they've got a Blues Jersey to dice up). They may have gone through several Devils gamers.... and assuming this is his last season.... I can't see more than a few of his cards post 2015-16 showing him as a Blue.

    If they're just using a Devils (or All Star ??) Jersey to makes cards with pictures of him as a Blue: lame (though I expect to see some of this).

    I don't know. Am I the odd one that doesn't see any value, at all, in a player staying with one team for his whole career?? I just don't see why that should matter to me (or anyone else). It was common back in the days of players like Richard or Howe, but that's because Free Agency as it exists now didn't exist. I was not born with the talent to really compare myself to these guys.... but if I were in the shoes of these guys, this is how I think I'd be looking at free agency & retirement:

    Don't retire until you're sure you're done. If you walk away in your mid-30s (or later) that is it. You won't be able to come back. Who cares if you're older and not as good as you were 5 years ago. It's fun, you're paid a lot of money, and you've got Tiger Blood flowing through your veins still. People think you owe it to a team or fans to stick it out, and retire in one place? To heck with them. Take the best deal you can get (money, chance to win, whatever). If your first team remains a contender, and remains committed to playing you as much as you want, and paying what you think is fair - then by all means stick with them. As soon as they compromise on any of those.... if you can get a better deal elsewhere, take it.

    If you want to be like Jarome Iginla, and engineer a trade to who you perceive to be the top team in the league.... while getting away from your sad-sack team.... in an effort to win that elusive championship: I say good for you. Do it. If you want to be like Jarome Iginla, and bounce to another contender, because you don't think the team you got traded to is good enough.... again, I say good for you. Finally, if you want to be like Jarome Iginla, and just take the biggest contract anyone will offer you.... and forget about winning that Cup you claimed was important: Again, I say do it. Good for you. If those extra millions make you happy, do it.

    So for Brodeur - I have no problem with what he's doing. He couldn't catch on with anyone in the summer, so he waited for an injury on a contender. Now it's his job to steal. Maybe he's the #1 the rest of the way though. He's clearly not in it for the money.... he's in it because at 42 he's not ready to hang 'em up. How can we be upset with that?
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    You do realize the Upper Deck GU track record. You will be getting nice big Red or White pieces of those Devils jerseys they need to use up until the cows come home.
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    Yes this bad for everything.
    Stupid move from every side.

    GU jerseys flooding???
    That already happened years ago.

    Ruin his legacy even more...
    I don't thunk anyone cares for more little white squares from UD...

    Blues never learned anything from the miller signing..another playoff flame out coming...bad for team chemistry.

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    I don't know about being bad for the hobby (I honestly don't think it will make a difference) but I really don't get why he would still even want to play. He make still have some gas left in the tank but I think you reach a point where you should be glad you can still move around after playing for a couple of decades.
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    What a selfish jerk, now we have to suffer Blues game used cards...O-o
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    omg Upper Deck screws up again... orange jersey card for Brodeur... get it together UD.

    What Brodeur played for St Louis at age 42? That's it I don't like him anymore. Traitor.

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    Honor, I understand that part of this move, but anyone who gets the chance to play at the highest level, should use the opportunity.
    In this case, It may not be the best way to go, because he has had a loooong journey with the Devils , but his blaming is pretty ridiculous.
    Perhaps you can think that he owns something to the Devils, but not that much, however.

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