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    Huge SCANNED Trade/Sell list Inside!!! take a look

    Looking tpo pick up some Ryan Howard, Joe Mauer, David Wright, and Adam Dunn Rookies... Or anything that catch's my eye...Mainly Rookie Cards though!
    Or Will sell for Paypal

    Check this for newer stuff

    Have alot more just lmk who you need.
    (Incoming)In my Profile
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Jacoby Ellsbury
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Ryan Zimmerman x3
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Ben Copeland
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Ricky Romero
    2005 Topps Update Chrome John Mayberry
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Phillip Hughes
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Scott Mitchinson REF.
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Frank Mata REF.
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Jim Burt REF.
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Felix Hernandez Pros REF.
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Anthony Reyes x2
    2005 topps update Stephen Drew
    2005 Topps Update Ryan Zimmerman
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks eric fowler REF.
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks clayton richard REF.
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks Tommy Manzella REF.
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks Brandon Wood REF.
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks Nolan Reimond x3
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks Matt Torra
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks Melky Cabrera
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks Mike Costanzo
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks Wade Townsend
    2005 bowman Chrome Draft picks Troy Tulowizki x2
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft picks Henry Sanchez x3
    2005 Bowman Draft picks Andrew Mccutchen GOLD
    2005 ultra freddy guzman
    2005 bowman draft picks HAVE A WHOLE BUCH JUST ASK
    2005 bowman Andy santan(a) *error*
    2005 bowmans best Melky Cabrera
    2005 bowmans best eric neilson
    2005 bowmans best kevin collins
    2005 bowmans best matt brown
    2005 bowmans best cody haerther
    2005 bowmans best kevin west
    2005 bowmans best landon powell green 275/899
    2005 bowmans best sean marshall red 155/199

    2005 absolute memorabilia yuniesky betancourt
    2005 absolute memorabilia justin verlander
    2005 absolute memorabilia tadahito iguchi
    2005 upper deck pro sigs Justin verlander
    2005 upper deck pro sigs Brandon mccarthy
    2005 upper deck pro sigs Stephen Drew x3
    2005 upper deck pro sigs tadahito iguchi
    2005 upper deck pro sigs wladimir balentin
    2005 ultra gold medallion Jeff Francis
    05 topps turkey red JUSTIN VERLANDER
    05 topps MELKY CABRERA(x2)
    05 donruss studio JEFF NIEMAN

    2004 Chris Shelton Bowman
    2004 sp prospects Chris Shelton
    2004 elite extra Ervin Santana
    04 bowman draft pick gold TREVOR PLOUFFE
    04 bowman draft pick gold IAN DESMOND
    04 bowman draft pick YUSMEIRO PETIT
    04 bowman draft pick GABY HERNANDEZ
    04 bowman CONOR JACKSON(x2)
    04 bowman CARLOS QUENTIN
    04 bowman MATT MOSES
    04 bowman YADIER MOLINA
    04 bowman heritage MATT BUSH
    04 bowman best JOEY GATHRIGHT
    04 topps traded BRAD ELDRED
    04 topps traded MATT TUIASOSOPO
    04 topps traded MATT BUSH
    04 bazooka YADIER MOLINA
    04 upper deck RONNY CEDENO 2004 Bowman Chrome refractors
    04 Bowman Chrome refractor Yadier Molina

    2004 BCDP refractor
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #100 J.C Holt
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #58 Matt Macri
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks#84 sean kazmir
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #147 dioner navarro
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #114 taylor tankersley
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #54 louis marson x2
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #65 danny putnam x2
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #150 felix hernandez
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #34 richie robnett x2
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #39 kurt suzuki x2
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #60 mike ferris
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #38 cory dunlap
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #66 j.p howell
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #58 matt macri
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #56 jamar walton
    Bowman Draft Picks#153 willy taveras
    Bowman Draft Picks #154 merkin valdez
    Bowman Draft Picks #64 blake dewitt
    Bowman Draft Picks #36 huston street x3
    Bowman Draft Picks #34 richie robnett x2
    Bowman Draft Picks #39 kurt suzuki x2
    Bowman Draft Picks #65 danny putnam x2
    Bowman Draft Picks #33 jay rainville x2
    Bowman Draft Picks #31 josh fields
    Bowman Draft Picks #68 justin orenduff
    Bowman Draft Picks #91 trevor plouffe
    Bowman Draft Picks #35 jon poterson x2
    Bowman Draft Picks #58 matt macri x3
    Bowman Draft Picks #79 matt tuiasosopo

    Bowman Chrome#216 josh labandiera
    Bowman Chrome#210 kyle sleeth
    Bowman Chrome#169 matt moses

    2004 topps total dioner navarro x2
    2004 topps total yadier molina
    2004 topps total bobby brownlie
    2004 topps total carlos quentin
    2004 topps total lastings milledge
    2004 topps total conor jackson
    2004 topps davie murphy
    2004 topps lastings milledge x2
    2004 topps yadier molina x2
    2004 topps carlos quentin
    2004 topps conor jackson x2
    2004 topps todd self
    2004 topps jon knott x3
    2004 topps kyle davies
    2004 topps tim stauffer
    2004 topps dioner navarro
    2004 topps traded matt tuiasosopo
    2004 bowman heritage kyle sleeth
    2004 bowman heritage conor jackson
    2004 bowman heritage dioner navarro
    2004 bowman heritage lastings milledge
    2004 bowman heritage matt bush
    2004 bowman heritage yusimeiro petit
    2004 bowman heritage omar quintanila
    2004 bowman heritage merkin valdez
    2004 ultra jeremy gathrie x2
    2004 fleer patchworks Rickie Weeks 136/799
    2004 bowmans best Kyle Sleeth
    2004 topps grady sizemore/jereme gutherie
    2004 ultra yadier molina gold madallion

    2003 Jarrod Saltalamacchia upper deck
    2003 JON PAPELBON bcdp***HOT***
    2003 bdp Ryan Howard GOLD
    2003 bdp Ryan Howard
    2003 Bowman Heritage rainbow Robinson Cano
    2003 Bowman Heritage Hanley Ramirez
    2003 bowman j.j. hardy
    2003 topps Robinson Cano x3
    2003 Bowman draft Robinson Cano x4
    2003 Bowman Draft Taylor Mattingly
    2003 Bowman Draft Felix Pie
    2003 Bowman Draft Chien Ming Wang gold
    2003 topps draft picks Cole Hamels
    2003 upper deck Brandon Webb
    2003 topps chrome Jose Reyes prospect
    2003 topps traded Danny Haren
    2003 bowman Andy Marte
    2003 bowman draft Andy Marte x2
    2003 tops gallery j.d. durbin
    2003 bowman ramon hernandez
    2003 topps chrome Hee Seop Choi
    2003 topps traded Bobby Crosby
    2003 topps traded chrome Bobby Crosby
    2003 donruss signature series D.WILLIS rc x2
    2003 topps B.j. Upton dp
    2003 topps chrome B.j. Upton dp
    2003 upper deck victory HIDEKI MATSUI rc
    2003 topps traded chrome Clint Nageotte x2
    2003 topps 205 Andy Marte
    2003 donruss team heroes Delmon Young
    2003 topps 205 Bryan Burlington x2
    2003 topps Andy Marte x2
    2003 upper deck Lew Ford x2
    2003 topps chrome Dontrelle Willis
    2003 donruss team heroes Rickie Weeks
    2003 topps traded Khalil Greene
    2003 topps Khalil Greene
    2003 bowman Jason Kubel
    2003 topps Clint Barmes
    2003 bowman Kevin Youkilis
    2003 donruss the rookies Delmon Young
    2003 donruss champions Rickie Weeks
    2003 upper deck Rickie weeks
    2003 topps Jeff Fransis
    2003 donruss chris snelling
    2003 bdp bo hart
    2003 platinum mark texiera pros
    2003 donruss champions Victor Martinez
    2003 leaf chone figgins
    2003 topps traded wilson betemit
    2003 topps traded chrome Joe Crede
    2003 upper deck Clint Barmes
    2003 bowman jeremy bonderman
    2003 bowman chien-ming wang

    2002 topps joe mauer x3
    2002 diamond kings ANGEL BORROA (Bronze)
    2002 tops marlon byrd x3
    2002 topps jason lane x3
    2002 topps RICK HARDEN (gold) #/2002
    2002 topps traded mark prior x2
    2002 topps jason bay x2
    2002 topps heritage Jason Bay x3
    2002 topps traded Jason Bay
    2002 topps gold label Jason Bay
    2002 topps chrome traded Jason Bay x2
    2002 topps traded refracor blake mcingly
    2002 topps kenny baugh x2
    2002 playoff memorabalia FERNANDO RODNEY #/ 1000
    2002 playoff memorabalia KAZUHISA ISHII #/1000
    2002 upper deck ovation KEVIN CASH world premeires #/2002
    2002 upper deck ovation LUIS MARTINEZ world premeires #/2002
    2002 topps Hank Blalock
    2002 topps gold label Joe Mauer
    2002 topps Josh Barfield dp x2
    2002 topps traded Ryan Church
    2002 diamond king Austin Kearns
    2002 bowman Jake Peavy
    2002 bowman travis hafner
    2002 bowman morgan ensberg x2
    2002 topps traded xavier nady
    2002 donruss fan club brandon backe
    2002 topps trade willi mo pena
    2002 staduim club adam laroche
    2002 bowman ryan church
    2002 topps traded JOHN RODRUGUEZ(x3)
    2002 topps traded mark texiera
    2002 mark texeira diamond kings bronze
    2002 victory joe crede
    2002 topps traded Bobby Jenks
    2002 topps traded ryan Doumit
    2002 topps Bill Hall
    2002 topps Joe Borchard x3
    2002 topps traded Chone Figgins

    2001 Ryan Howard Upper deck PP x2
    2001 Albert Pujols leaf lineage
    2001 Albert Pujols fleer platinum team leaders x3
    2001 upper deck Mark Teixeira
    2001 upper deck Barry Zito x2
    2001 topps traded hee seop choi
    2001 topps traded josh fogg
    2001 topps ICHIRO rookie card (not in the best condition)
    2001 royal rookies Hank Blalock x2
    2001 royal rookies Miguel Cabrera x2
    2001 topps chrome traded Ben Sheets
    2001 topps Ryan Anderson, Barry Zito, C.C. Sabathia
    2001 topps Roy Oswalt
    2001 upper deck Jake Peavy
    2001 topps traded Jake Peavy
    2001 topps traded chrome Jake Peavy
    2001 upper deck Aubrey Huff
    2001 topps stars Jose Reyes
    2001 fleer futures xavier nady
    2001 ultra xavier nady
    2001 upper deck bintage willi mo pena/nick johnson/dangelo Jimenez
    2001 upper, deck jimmy Rollins
    2001 topps chrome traded nick johnson
    2001 topps chrome Grady Sizemore/David Krynzel
    2001 topps chrome traded Jake Gautreau
    2001 upper deck Mark Beuhrle x2
    2001 upper deck Travis Hafner
    2001 topps traded Travis Hafner
    2001 bowman chrome Corey Patterson
    2001 bowman chrome Kevin Mench
    2001 topps stars Reggie Abercrombie x2
    2001 leaf rookies and stars Carlos Zambrano

    2000 bowman Grady Sizemore
    2000 fleer tradition eric gagne x2
    2000 pacific alfonso soriano
    2000 upper deck adam kennedy
    2000 metal Pat Burrell
    2000 bowman AARON ROWAND
    2000 topps chrome ADAM WAINWRIGHT
    2000 upper deck rookie roundup rick ankiel
    2000 upper deck rookie roundup mark muder
    2000 bowman mark mulder
    2000 metal rick ankiel
    2000 upper deck wily mo pena x2
    2000 upper deck Joe Crede

    1999 topps traded Austin Kearns
    1999 topps traded Adam Dunn x2
    1999 topps traded Carl Crawford x2
    1999 omega Roy Halladay
    1999 topps gold label Alfonso Soriano
    1999 bowman willi mo pena
    1999 ud rookie class Eric Chavez
    99 bowman BUBBA CROSBY

    1998 donruss preferred fernando tatis mezzanine
    1998 donruss preferred carl pavano

    97 topps LANCE BERKMAN

    1996 ultra bobby abreu
    1996 upper deck bobby abreu


    1994 upperdeck derek lee top prospects
    1994 ud collector's choice DERREK LEE
    1994 upper deck Carlos Delgado

    1993 topps Jim Edmonds

    1992 score manny ramirez
    1992 topps Manny Ramirez
    1992 upper deck Manny Ramirez
    1992 topps Jason Giambi

    1991 upper deck Jim Thome
    1991 upper deck Chipper Jones
    1991 score Chipper Jones

    1990 bowman berniw williams x2
    1990 upper deck mike mussina x2
    1990 bowman Frank Thomas
    1990 upper deck john olerud

    1989 topps Randy Johnson
    1989 donruss Randy Johnson
    1989 donruss Curt Schilling x2
    1989 score Randy Johnson x2
    1989 upper deck John Smoltz
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    I want these:
    Bowman Draft Picks #36 huston street
    2005 Topps Update Chrome Anthony Reyes
    2002 topps gold label Joe Mauer
    2003 topps B.j. Upton dp
    2003 donruss the rookies Delmon Young
    2004 topps kyle davies

    I can get a list of my rookies tommorow.

    2005 bowman draft picks HAVE A WHOLE BUCH JUST ASK- Do you have Chaz Roe?

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    2003 Jarrod Saltalamacchia upper deck
    97 topps LANCE BERKMAN what set exactly is this from
    1999 topps traded Carl Crawford

    04 bowman CARLOS QUENTIN

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