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    FT but please be brutally honest !!

    hi picked up a small lot of football cards of which i know absolutely NOTHING about.(i am a hockey guy). was wondering if anything here has any trade value at all. please be brutally honest (without being crude)lol. are these fire starters or is anybody likely to want to trade hockey cards for this stuff. it may not even be worth the stamps to ship.....
    also thank you for taking the time to respond.,,

    Football Cards

    1996UD Star Rookie # 5 Kerry Collins

    1996 Pacific Collection Blue
    364 Leslie O'Neal
    419 Todd Kinchen

    1998 UD SPX #66 Charlie Garner /7600

    1999 Edge Gold Ingot
    103 Kent Graham
    123 Isaac Bruce

    1999 Black Diamond # 146 Bobby Collins
    1999 Omega #57 Tim Couch RC
    1999 Edge Masters #130 Curtis Martin /5000
    1999 Topps Stars #21 Donovan McNabb
    1999 Skybox (green) # 213 Tim Couch RC
    1999 Presige EXP # EX179 Curtis Conway /3250
    1999 Prestige SSD #B082 Cam Cleeland /500

    2006 Prestige # 190 Ernie sims RC
    2006 Prestige Super Bowl Heroes # SB-10 Darrell Jackson
    2006 Prestige League Leaders #LL-16 Barber/Dillon
    2006 UD Running Back # 1KR-DM Duece McAllistar

    2006 Topps Chrome Own The Game
    OTG 7 Derrick Burgess
    OYG23 Corey Dillon
    OTG26 Jonathan Vilma

    2006 Prestige Stars of the NFL #87 Laveranues Coles

    2006 Prestige Draft Picks
    DP-15 Joe Klopfenstein
    DP-16 Sinorice Moss

    2006Topps Chrome
    Class of '63 HOFT-BN Bronco Nagurski
    Class of '06 HOFT-JM John Madden

    2006 Upper Deck Football Heroes # 56 Joe Theisman
    2006 Topps Chrome # Class of 83 Eric Dickerson
    2006 Prestige # 134 Isaac Bruce
    2006 Prestige Heritage #GH25 Marvin Harrison

    2006 Fleer Ultra Gold
    58 Jake Plummer
    73 SamkonGado
    83 Edgerrin James
    142 Doug Gabriel
    197 Clinton Portis

    2007 Score
    306 Tim Crowder
    307 D'Juan Woods
    308 Tim Shaw
    309 Fred Bennett
    310 Victor Abiamiri

    2008 UD RC # 61 Kevin Smith

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    Hi, Any card can find a home, but sometimes it takes longer than others. There is nothing I am interested in, but you never know they might find a home. And if you don't want to hold on to them, take them to a children hospital they would love them. I hope you have good luck. But one word of advise stay with what you know aka Hockey. Malcolm
    I collect UGA Rookies:
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    well that sounds like a nice way of saying it thanx!

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    I might be interested in the (3) 2006 Topps chrome owe the game cards but I don't have any hockey and prob wouldn't pay much lmk what you gotta have for them? Thanks Brad

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