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Thread: FS: Packers

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    FS: Packers

    Hit me up if interested!!

    arodlot1114.jpg TRIPLE PATCH SOLD






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    Interested in the Starr/Favre/Rodgers Donruss Classics triple jersey.

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    There was no "quote" in your Re. Was that $8 offer to me, or the other guys request? If you want $8 total, for Matthews patch, consider it done, and tellme how to pay. I can send cash, cleverly disquised.
    I also now need as many Packer veterans from 2014 chrome (need no rookies) as cheap as I can get them.I got skrewd on a deal I made,and have tons of packer rookies, but no packer vets. I lost my rear end on that deal since I cant make a single dang packer team set. If I spend very much at all getting vets (I need 12 of each - OMFG) the whole thing will have been for naught.I need ALL the packer 2014 chrome vets I can get my hands on.

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    $8 GOODS or cash is fine.
    Set it up.
    I have to jet for work.
    Card will go out Tues at latest.

    I have no cards you asked of. Sorry.

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