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    Our 51st. Immortal is..... Crosby 87

    Congrats to Chris at reaching this impressive milestone. Chris has been with SCF since early 2010 and in a little over 4 1.2 years he's over 1000 feedback! Chris trades for Steelers,Penguins,Pirates and ex Michigan players, so if you have any please give him a shout.

    With this accomplishment Chris gets a lifetime VIP membership and $75 to use towards (not including shipping!

    Congrats Chris!

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    Congratulations Chris!!
    Andrew Bailey: 198/241 not including 1/1's (82.2%); 212/438 cards including 1/1's(48.4%)

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    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Congratulations to you Chris, nice to see a fellow Penguins trader reach the Milestone

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    "I also Trade based on BV, Not SV so dont quote me Ebay Sales"

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    Congrats on reaching the milestone.

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    Actions are backed up by words, I wish more of us backed them up!!!
    If you have talent with video editing and would like to join the staff drop me a pm!

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    Congrats Chris!
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    Collecting Toronto Raptors Cards and Michael Jordan

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    Hey Chris!! CONGRATS Buddy!!! That Is A Great Accomplishment!!!

    Thanks, John

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    Well Done!
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    The want list at this link features what I need of Giroux, Couturier, Ottawa Senators, and Miscellaneous set. If you have nothing from it I will consider CFL cards, current Senators, Carey Price, Guy Lafleur, Patrick Roy (Habs), vintage hockey (pre 1970) and trade bait.

    Thanks and Happy Trading.

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