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    World Cup Finals: Italy vs. France

    Curious to see who you guys think will win.
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    I think Italy's will and offense will be too much for France to handle.
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    Italy. Buffon owns Barthez.
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    Buffon is definitely the superior keeper but I think Zidane's magic will carry France to the title.

    France did handle Brazil's offense so maybe Italy's attack will fail as well.
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    i like france with zidane and henry but bartez is not the most clutch keeper in the world, but i hope zidane can end his career with his 2nd cup
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    I rally want Italy to win this, but after France held back Brazil, i honestly dont think Italy has a fair chance at getting past France for the cup, I gotta go with France on this one.

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    Well Italy wins in penalty kicks, unfortunate that it came to that but you knew once it got to that stage they had a huge advantage with Buffon over Barthez.

    I'm just shocked at Zidane, what a vicous headbutt. Could have easily cost his team the game in the second overtime. France dominated the second half but couldn't get it in the back of the net.
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