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    looking for these teams/ players

    baseball- albert pujols, derek jeter, andruw jones, chipper jones, brian mcann, adam laroche, jeff francoeur, ryan howard horacio ramirez,david wright, mets card,and braves cards

    football- ronnie brown, cadillac williams, and dolphins

    basketball- dwyane wade, t-mac, lebron james, and all lakers.
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    yes i am interested but the thing is i dont have any basketball cards to trade

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    hey brother check out he site

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    ok let me know id u have any dwyane wade mets or braves or even ryan howard please and thank lmk

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    andruw jones buyback auto/25
    andruw jones bat card
    andruw jones jsy card
    dolphins----------have someerooklies, i guess i have to change that background.......lmk

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