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    Talking Who wants to make a quick buck on Ebay?


    I need $10 Paypal ASAP. That's why I am selling this card way under Ebay or book value prices. I need the payment right away so can't wait for Ebay to end and a few days for the buyer to pay.
    So...Paypal only. Shipping (bubble mailer and DC) will be a $1.

    It's the following card:

    2002 Bowman Chrome Draft X-Fractors 171 Greg Miller AU $20.00 $40.00

    The last cards sold on Ebay:

    X-fractor Auto (same card) $33.50 incl $2.50 S&H

    Regular refractor Auto $29.31 incl $2.99 $&H

    So, for $11.00 total you will get this great card! No tricks or anything.....just need the Paypal payment ASAP (so I can pay for something else).

    PLMK if you are interested!


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    I'll take it.

    I'll take the card. What is your paypal account email?

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