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Thread: Need McNabb and Vick for my CC

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    Need McNabb and Vick for my CC

    I'm looking to buy any Donovan McNabb or michael Vick rc's with my CC. Please lmk if you have any. Thanks.

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    I have multiple McNabbs & 1 or 2 vicks make offer if ur interested but their not rc's

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    I have an 01 Press Pass Vick and an 05 Bowman #'d McNabb but I am not sure how CC works. Could you explain that?


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    I have a 2001 Pacific Invincible Bule #'d to 99. BV is $200.00 and card is in mint condition. If interested PLMK and send PM.
    Thanks, Paul.

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    i have a Mcnabb u.d. and acouple vick cards but no rookies, tell me if your intrested anyway

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    I have a Donovan Mcnabb 2003 Own the Game Insert. Let me know if your interested.

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    hey i got a 2004 topps chrome vick not a rc, but would give it to you for ur cc, .5 and a sase, worth 4, lmk thanks

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