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    Another call for Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson

    Looking for any deions and bos GU autos base inserts

    dont really need older stuff unless its an oddball.
    especially need newer inserts
    Can really use deion 05 absolutes and 04 Diamond Kings.

    Will buy or trade. thanks

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    also have a 2005 diamond king bo jackson legend red bordered parallel

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    tell me who you want, I have thousands of cards listed but they are fb, havent gotten to the basketball yet. Oh and a price range on the 2 so I know where to begin. thank you

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    price lol i have no clue, prob for both 5 dollars total, lmk im really only looking for baseball lmk

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    I have ths one for trade or sell;
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    holy cow, that is what Im looking for check my 1st link in sig for anything that would ease the pain and/or give me a price. Thanks

    braves who do you want?

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    what do you want for it thanks, oh is there any value on it?

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    not in beckett......wat autos do u have...a longshot but i really need 71 topps

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