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    Talking Mark Teixeira,Roy Oswalt and Scott Kazmir Portraits 8x10 autos FT/FS

    scans are on my site
    looking for dodgers prospects,jason hirsh or all star players signatures in return.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Need the Oswalt, anything on my site you can use?


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    What kind of BV for the soriano auto, frank thomas auto, Young, Delmon 2004 SP Authentic Chirography Bronze #14/65

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    Is the Snider Portraits on your site available? I'm not sure what the Thomas and Delmon book at, but they should be around $50 and $40 respectively based on what they sell for on eBay.

    No idea on BV for Sori, perhaps $60 ish?


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    I have been offered $35 for the Tex and Kazmir, possibly $50 for the 3...i will lyk what happens guys. I will most likely take the cash and buy a David Wright portraits auto

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