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Thread: italy is the world cup winner

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    Arrow italy is the world cup winner

    ITALY wins 1-1 pk shootout 5-3 zudanne headbutted someone on italy which ended his career
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    OH YES to the old Red White and GREEN from someone whose Yahoo ID is DAIGOE!

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    it was a great match. zundane unsportsman act is uncalled for and what a way to end his career. congrats italy!

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    the tour de france will be more exciting today than that game was!! no wonder americans dont like soccer....somebody gets a hang nail and they lay on the ground for 2 minutes!! ronnie lott had his freakin finger cut off so he wouldn't miss any time!! and i played soccer for many years as a kid!!

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    that was horrible, zidane let france down.. and ribery, henry and vierra were all taken out because they were winded and couldnt be put back on the pitch. trezeguet just barely missed that pk, but i was sure france was gonna win :(
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    whats horrible is, comparing football to soccer... football gives you play after play and you set it all up blah blah blah.. of course i love football, but ive played soccer since i was 5 and im 15 now as a select keeper so i have to say i would like to see a football player play in 2 45 min. half's then 2 15 min. over times and still not be dead enough to take pk's.. and they're harder then they look.
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    i played 10 years of soccer and 3 years of VARSITY FOOTBALL....there is NO question which is the more demanding sport!!

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    The acting in soccer has long been a pile of crap- they need to issue RED CARDS for faking... they do it in the league I coach in- believe me, it speeds up the play, makes scoring higher and generally teaches SPORTSMANSHIP! Dang, if you want to CHEAT, go back to jersey tugging- leave the acting off the field along w/ the head butts and slide tackling from behind. I think there should also be UNLIMITED substitutions and so then the guys out there on the field could go ba**s out for 10 or 15 min shifts and you'd see a few more 5-4 games. Plus, maybe have the shootout be direct kick from 30 yards w/ all players both sides on the field... back and forth until someone wins. A goal, a keeper ball, an out of bounds by the offense, or a defensive "clear" past midfield would signal end of shootout posession... Dang, I need to apply for the Board of FIFA...

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    ill let you say what you want, im not going to ramble on.
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