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Thread: italy is the world cup winner

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    want me to make a comparison?? how bout lacrosse then?? not a bunch of babies who hit the ground when their skirts get too tight!! its ridiculous...dont tell me they run around for 90 minutes and i ran around for 90 minutes, but at a world class level, it is a skill sport.

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    how about hockey?? dont sit here and try and tell me that soccer is a man's sport...they are all a bunch of babies and cowards

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    haha, i do agree diving ruins the game
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    alright alright if you wanna go on, take it through pm's i dont want to get in trouble for this.
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    lol, get into trouble for what????????? ITS A FORUM, FOR OPINIONS...if you dont what to hear others, then dont post your own!! if you think this isn't the proper forum for it, YOU put it here!!

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    If I showed you guys a video of our Championship game which was won in the second overtime of a scoreless game 8 seconds from a shootout, you'd be as fanatic about soccer as any other game... The fields are too big at World class level... they need to make it so that when a goalie punts he has to be PRECISE or he'll outkick his offense, the defense should be forced to push up more (by shortening the field) they need to have more situations where a guy beats a double-team for a goal, defenders streaking in on a corner and hitting the net from 30 yards... I realize the game is ancient in its roots, but it reminds me of the Inca game they played all stinkin' day trying to get the ball through the sideways metal loop 20 feet up on the arena wall... We're not so into all day events that end 1-0 nowadays- and furthermore, maybe the game being quarters rather than halves would do a little something- it would make it more TV friendly, for sure... I LOVE SOCCER, but I coach it and play it WAY OUTSIDE the box... and I may be tempted to start a league that plays with a tweaked set of rules to see how it catches on- for (goodness) sake I've actually seen leagues where they never call offsides (13-14 y/o girls!) because "that would discourage some of the (not-so-athletic) kids from playing."

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    you're right its bs that professional players make themselves look bad by clearly diving. but lacrosse?? you pass a tiny ball and cradle it and get hit by sticks.. id like to see a lacrosse player move a ball with their feet. i wasnt talking about any other sports.. i was talking about football
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    its just like EVERY other is a skill...not many people can play other sports...thats why a guy like Bo, in my opinion, is one of the greatest ATHLETES ever....did you see MJ try and play baseball? of course superstar athletes cant play other professional sports, cause most have played that one sport for their ENTIRE life!!

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    i know what you mean
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    If for no other reason i will never get into soccer because of the tie.... a tie? are you kidding me.... the biggest series of games in the entire world and half the games end with no winner? I uderstand what you all are saying about running for 90 minutes but marathoners run for several hours with no break. Is running a marathon harder than playing 48 minutes in a varsity football game.... I would think probably not. All the running is just condition that many sports dont require so they dont focuis on it. Sure a soccer player can probably outrun a lineman but you put them 1 on 1 in the trenches and tell me who wins. They are completely different sports.

    My brother is a mid fielder for a team called the citidel based out of fort wayne indiana... he is probably going to go to a college to play. Does that mean he is as much of an athlete as one of my buddies who went to a NAIA college to play basketball? No way.... it is just my brother has focused on kicking a ball around with his feet and my buddy focused on basketball.... both require skill just different ones...

    If I showed you guys a video of our Championship game which was won in the second overtime of a scoreless game 8 seconds from a shootout, you'd be as fanatic about soccer as any other game
    the problem here is there is no way i would watch after halftime if no goals were scored...
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