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    Need some good traders for a new idea

    Granted no one is trading a 100 auto for 20 in base cards no matter how much they like something. But it only seems to be about bv and high dollar cards anymore. Everyone quoting ebay. Thats not collecting, its business. i have nothing against making a buck, I sell stuff all the time, but I also collect certain cards and trade more for something I really want of those players. And trading base cards and low dollar inserts just doesnt happen anymore.

    Here is what I would propose. Now please don't comment just to rip on my idea, improvements are welcomed though. This idea involes finding a group of people who actually collect cards and dont get hung up on a difference of .50 bv. it isn't for people only looking for high end gu and autos. its for team and player collectors willing to establish good reliable trading relationships and actuall enjoy collecting and trading. You can do all the selling and high end stuff you want but for this its really just about collecting.

    We get a group of people who collect players or teams, we build a little list of these people and when you have say 50 steelers cards to move you will know who to contact. Once it even gets going maybe you just send them to the person knowing you will get something back in return. If you like the colts and I like the Packers we send each other 10 mannings for 10 favres, we dont worry if 1 base card book 2.00 and another is 1.25. Of course you have to be realistic, don't ask for 20 inserts and send nothing but 5 worth of base in return, otherwise we are right back to the dog race of trying to get over on each other and make a buck. This is to help people move stuff they dont collect for things they collect or can move around them, not about bv and money.

    Its a weird concept I know, trading for things you like, if you are old enough you remember these days. maybe this idea wont work, I belonged to a baseball group like this once and it was great, but it was made up of older collectors and most have since given it up due to prices and the $$ that I talked about. If you are solid, would like to try, and arent going to join thinking this is away to take somebody than this is for you. Once you build some reliable partners maybe you offer them better stuff when you find it because you know they will do the same for you. maybe you even do it because they become your friend and you dont even make anything off it. Just a crazy thought.

    I will put together the list, just put your contact info whatever you want it to be, and players or teams you collect. I will compile the info and get it to everyone. I will maintain a master lof of new members and contacts, even keep track of problems you might have say you send 200 cards to someone and get 10 commons in return with no promises of more to come.

    If you want to give it a shot jsst pm me or list here. Like any other trade if you have 0 feedbacks or low references it would be expected that you send first until you are established. Don't sign up thinking people are going to send you 10000 of bears cards and you can just take off

    We are not creating a new site or leaving this board, we are utilizing this board to develop a close of reliable traders to help move stuff around consistantly. We will also establish some ground rules as to ways to ship and such as we want o keep this worth doing. This isnt just about commons, it isnt practical to mail 20 commons to 10 different people. Commons are fine but star bae should be included. If you are getting 10 bradys you should be giving 10 vicks, or mannings, ect, as well as commons, semi stars and low bv inserts. You get what you receive and the point is to build reliable contacts so as not to worry about every penny in bv when moving stuff and helping others.

    its a work in progress, I have 3 solid traders on board and I just posted it today. Suggestions are welcomed, again this is for player and really team collectors not about money. So if you are interested pm me or leave it here
    your contact info (an email and screen mane would be best as I can then send a group email) and the team (teams) and players you like. Dont list just Vick, Manning, Favre. If you are only willing to take stars then it kind of defeats the purpose. Include a team or two you will be willing to trade for as well. Sorry this got so long, just some ideas and plenty of room for improvement.

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    I have seen this work, but joining a group that already has every player and team spoken for doesnt make sense. This would be a new group as to avoid all the competiton of having 9 people signed up for Raiders for example.

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    Hey Scott!!!!! Pretty Good Idea.. Like ya said it Seemd Inserts are a Thing of the Past.. Not with Me Though.. I'll Actually Trade GU for a Good Lot of Inserts... I have 3 or 4 BIG Boxes of Inserts & Only a Couple Stacks of GU... To Me which I Don't Sell to Much This is a Hobby & I've Actually Traded Knowing the the Other Trader is getting Alot More BV than I Am But If he Has a card I Need and I Collect It Don't Really Matter to Me.. That's What it's All About... Ya Know Me I Am a DIE HARD Colts fan & That's What I Trade For.. If It Means Trading a GU for Peyton Inserts I Need I Have NO Problem at All...
    Great Idea & Thoughts....

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!

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