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Thread: PC cards for sale!!!

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    PC cards for sale!!!

    Hi to all!
    I need money for my holidays and i am selling my personal collection cards, i will sell them very cheap so make me considerable offers for them



    03/04 UD Hardcourt ClearCommemoratives Auto Eddie Griffin
    05/06 UD Sweet Shot Signature Shots Auto Martell Webster
    04/05 UD Pro Prosigs Diamon COllection Auto Glenn Robinson
    04/05 Bowman Chrome RC Auto /250 Luol Deng
    03/04 fleer flair final edition Authentic Autograph /200 Peja Stojakovic
    01/02 Topps Stadium Club Lone Star Signatures Peja Stojakovic certified autograph issue

    Game Used:

    03/04 Topps Bazooka Blasts Game Worn peja Stojakovic
    03/04 Fleer Flair Final Edition Courtside Cuts Peja Stojakovic Patch 3 colors /55
    03/04 Upper Deck 3D dimensions Peja Stojakovic /999
    04/05 Spx Winning Combos Stojakovic/Bibby worn up
    04/05 Fleer skybox Premium Performers game worn Peja Stojakovic
    04/05 Fleer Skybox Limited Edition Peja Stojakovic game worn /99
    04/05 Upper Deck Hardcourt Materials Peja Stojakovic warm up
    04/05 Fleer Skybox Premium Performers Peja Stojakovic game-worn /75

    02/03 Spx winning Combos Quentin Richardson/ Lamar Odom
    01/02 UD Finite Dual Elements Nash/Nowitzki
    03/04 Fleer Showcase Hot Hands Nowtzki 261/375
    00/01 Topps Xpectations Future Features Nowitzki
    03/04 Fleer Showcase Basketball´s Best Nowitzki
    02/03 Sp Game Used Authentic Fabrics: Hamilton, Haislip, Juan Dixon(x2), Salmons 050/100
    02/03 Upper Deck Mvp Material Warm Up: Brendan Haywood, Marbury
    03/04 UD Glass Superlative Swatches Terrel Brandon
    03/04 UD Glass Swatch Of Class Stephon Marbury
    02/03 UD Black Diamond Single Diamond Jersey Charlie Ward
    03/04 UD MVP Materials: Arenas, Maggette
    02/03 Fleer Flai Court Kings Steve Francis
    02/03 Flair Showcase Basketball´s Best Vince Carter
    01/02 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition Away Shanne Battier
    03/04 UD Rookie Exclusives Jerseys: Planinic,Blake,Howard,Cabarkapa,Hansen. jarvis hayes, marcus banks, zarko cabarkapa, aleksandar pavlovic, chauncey billups, antawn jamison, reggie evans, jason kidd

    02/03 Flair Sweet Swatch Vince Carter 823/975
    04/05 UD Game Jersey: Andre Miller, Elton Brand
    04/05 UD All Star Weekend GU Mike Dunleavy
    04/05 Bowman Instant Impact GU Steve Francis
    03/04 Topps Finest GU 2 colors /999 Jermaine O´Neal
    04/05 Fleer Sweet Sig Hardcourt Heroics /124 Duncan GU
    01/02 SP Authentic Rookie Flims F/X Josep Forthe /550
    05/06 UD Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches /99 GU Rashard Lewis
    00/01 Fleer Flair Nba Hopps Dermarr Johnson future swatch /1250
    01/02 Fleer Flair warming up Shareff Abdur-Rahim game worn
    01/02 Topps TCC Finals Journey Tyronn Lue game worn
    01/02 Upper Deck Inspirations Hardwood Imagery Szczerbiack/garnett floor
    02/03 Topps Ten Team Leader Jerry Stackhouse game worn /1000
    02/03 Topps Rookie Chalenge Marko Jaric game worn
    02/03 Upper Deck Air Apparel Jamal Mashburn
    03/04 Fleer Patchworks Courting Greatness Chris Bosh game worn /350
    03/04 Topps Piece Of a Dream Shawn Bradley game worn
    03/04 Topps Pristine Gems Marko Jaric game worn

    Numeratoes and Rookie Cards:

    00/01 Topps RC Mike MIller
    00/01 FLeer TRadition Glossy Mike Miller
    04/05 Upper Deck UD Exclusives /100: Jamal Crawford and mashburn
    01/02 Fleer Force Rookie /999: Chandler, Joe Jonshon
    01/02 Fleer Force Special Force /250: Payton, Moochie Norris, McCloud
    02/03 Fleer Flair Row 1 /150 Jason Kidd
    03/04 UD Rookie Exclusives: all rc´s
    03/04 UD Rookie Exclusives Superstars Exclusives /100 Jamal Tinsley
    03/04 Fleer Authentix Club Box /100 Antonio Davis
    04/05 Bowman Chrome Rc /150 Ricky Minard
    04/05 Fleer Showcase RC /125 Josh Childress
    03/04 SP Authentic Sp Limited /100: Cassel, Kenyon MArtin, Dayuan Wagner and Francis.
    03/04 Fleer Skybox Limited Edition /150 Shareef Abdur Rahim.
    02/03 Fleer Showcase Row 3 /100 Kenny Anderson
    02/03 Fleer Showcase Row 1 /1500 Okur
    04/05 Fleer Sweet Sigs /99: Hayes, Jim Jackson, Hinrich,Malone
    03/04 Fleer Mystique /150 Amare Stoudemire
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    How much, 01/02 UD Finite Dual Elements Nash/Nowitzki?


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    how much for the marbury swatch of class?

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    @spoza: for the marbury, 15$
    @jesse: for the Nash/Dirk 10$

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    Cash, but i am from spain, and if i accept dolars, you have to send me the difference with euros.



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