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Thread: travis henry spx rc for sale

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    travis henry spx rc for sale

    2001 spx travis henry 426/550 jersey auto
    lmk what u guys are willing to pay

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    What is the card number (or version, is the jersey piece on the right or left)? What condition is the card in, especially corners and edges, and is the signature clear and bold and centered on the white strip?

    I'll offer $20 US and this:

    -2003 Fleer Authentix Peyton Manning Ticket Studs Jersey (white) BV $15.00


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    its in great shape and its blue and th jersey is on the left

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    I'll do the that deal if you want (I have to wait until my first paycheck though, just started working). If you want to wait for other offers, that's fine too.


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