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    I HATE TOPPS! (This is a long read)

    Ok, so I just woke up and I was putting a package out in the mail for a deal that was going on, and the mail man pulls up. So I gave him the package, and he just gave me my mail. well, then I realized I didn't recieve anything from any other deals, and I was ticked. But then I realized that I recieved an NPN from topps (I could tell because it said Duryea PA on it). Anyways, I started to panick because it was in a USPS bag that said that they were sorry that the package was damaged and they were hoping it didn't inconvienience me and yadda yadda yadda. Anyways, I see that the package is blackened, there is a hole in the back, and the white envelope where the card was was torn (will get scan up). Anyways, I always get bad stuff from Topps, but I went on the internet a few weeks back and got the one for Bowman Sterling. Of course, I got a good one this time. It was a Steve Marek Bowman Sterling Autograph Jersey card that books for 10. The card was surprisingly in great shape...untill I looked at the bottom right hand corner (seen in scan). I then called the Topps Comsumer Whatever Line (1-800 number), and was surprised at how fast I was on the line compared to Upepr Deck. Anyways, I finally got a hold of a guy and told him all about it...then there was about a 5 second pause. Then he said "Well, I'm not sure if we can replace it for you sir." Then I hung up. I am tempted to call again and either get someone else, or talk to someone of higher authority. Anyways, I was just showing people that most all card companies suck when it comes to customer service. I have had experiences with Upper Deck, and they were terrible as well. I was also wondering if anyone had any advice to what I should do next. Thanx for listening to me ramble... Here's the scans:

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    yea that did come in bad condition. what i do after hanging up on someone that i dont think will help me i just call back again and hope its another person. they might be able to help u instead of the person before.

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    okay, I hope I don't sound like a jerk, but you want Topps to replace a card that you got for free? Maybe I'm missing something?

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    aekb- I see your point, but that's not what I'm getting at. I just really think customer service is terrible. It might seem wierd to you, but a company should fix a problem like this without any issues.

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    i dont think they should HAVE to replace it, because if it got damaged in the mail, what could they have done?

    would be nice gesture if they did...hope they do

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    Nice unwarrented bashing of Topps.
    They will replace it if you just send it to them and say nicely in a letter that you'd like it replaced. You will get it in a week or 2.
    Simple as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just-for-cards
    ...They will replace it if you just send it to them and say nicely in a letter that you'd like it replaced. You will get it in a week or 2.
    Simple as that.
    Great advice there. I hope it really is as simple as that. Try it and let us know what happens. You don't even have to inform Topps that it was an NPN card (I would think that the customer service people are a group different from the NPN people). It would have been really nice if the guy at Topps customer service had given you this advice in the first place.


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